Flow Masters Records Delivers “Hallelujah” by Romancia Kingston (@Romanciamusic @sherwingardner)

00-hallelujahFlow Masters Records delivers the new inspirational gem “Hallelujah” from Guyanese Gospel singer Romancia Kingston, available worldwide from all major digital retailers on August 7, 2015, with pre-order available now, from FOX FUSE. Produced by Flow Masters Records, the track was penned by Gospel reggae sensation Sherwin Gardner, who is at the helm of Flow Masters Records.

Vibrating with soulful R&B flavors, “Hallelujah” propels the Guyana-born, Antigua-based artist into the spotlight. With lyrics that inspire and music that motivates, “Hallelujah” is evidence of Kingston’s mission in motion and makes her mark on a niche genre that is expanding with each day. The official video was released in June and is gaining views on YouTube. 

WIZ Records Drops the De Downtown Soca Riddim (Vintage III) – @mrrootslive

00-vintage3WIZ Records presents its latest hit soca compilation De Downtown Riddim (Vintage III), available worldwide from all major digital retailers on August 7, 2015. De Downtown Riddim scores another winner for producer Shawn “Mr. Roots” Mitchell, who is at the helm of WIZ Records. The imprint has been enjoying much success as its productions have been mainstays on soca charts and playlists, and have been taking center stage at the various carnival celebrations globally.

Featuring five sizzling tracks, De Downtown Riddim showcases soca star Tallpree alongside regional Grenadian sensations Ajamu, Inspector, Shortpree and Pupa Leendi. The vintage-style soca rhythm infuses native elements of jab jabsounds from Grenada and scores another set of hits for WIZ Records, just in time for Grenada’s own carnival known as Spicemas, taking place in August.


1. Tallpree – Long Time
2. Ajamu – Lash
3. Inspector – Razor Blade
4. Shortpree – Champion Body
5. Pupa Leendi – Downtown

Stushie Working On Reggae Tribute Mixtape Covering Songs By Tarrus Riley, Luciano And Many More (@StushieX @D_hallSyndicate)

00-Stushie Working On Reggae Tribute Mixtape Covering Songs By Tarrus Riley, Luciano And Many MoreUK’s new Reggae sensation Stushie is locked away in the studio working on what is expected to be a powerful Reggae tribute mix tape.

Based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback she has gotten from covering tracks like ‘stay with me’ by Sam Smith, as well as her medley of Chronixx’s most popular records, her and her management team thought it necessary to release a full Reggae tribute mix tape with her covering songs from some of her favorite Reggae acts. Hence, she will be re-doing songs from Chronixx, Tarrus Riley, Luciano, Freddie McGregor, Jah Cure, Queen Ifrica, Christopher Martin, Janet Kay and Bob Marley

The project is only 5 tracks away from completion and manager DJ Stylah said that the intended release date is August 28th. See below links to listen to the Sam Smith and Chronixx cover.

Stushie – Stay With Me (Cover)

Stushie – Chronixx medley

Magnum Kings And Queens Of Dancehall Contestant Anaicon Featured On New Video By Ikonji (@anaicon14 @OsujahRecords)

Magnum Kings And Queens Of Dancehall Contestant Anaicon Featured On New Video By IkonjiAs he gets ready to release his debut album, the 2013 Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall contestant Anaicon still manages to find time to work on projects by his label mates. His latest collaboration is with Ikonji, I Nanny and Ras Pree Dem for the track entitled ‘Fyah Rastaman A Burn.’ The song is on the ‘Vybz In The Sun’ Reggae Compilation which is produced by Osujah Records.

The video for ‘Fyah Rastaman A Burn’ was shot in several locations across the island of Jamaica. Additional scenes were taken from different international news media so as to effectively represent the message in the music. The video was just added to MJE Youtube channel and can be viewed here: 

CEO of Osujah Records, Lady Donna, had this to say about the audio and video for ‘Fyah Rasta Man A Burn:Fyah Rastaman A Burn is a call for all heartical Rastafarians to take action to improve the situation we see each day. It calls for peace love and unity and rejects corruption violence greed injustice sufferation and poverty. It pushes for a better future for our youths. Burning fire is a symbol of eradication and elimination of negative forces and thereby cleansing or purifying that which is contaminated and not positive or productive. The time is now to get off the sideline and take action to make a positive contribution toward the future of our people. Yes!! Bun some Fyah!!

Persons may download all songs on the ‘Vybz In The Sun’ Reggae Compilation here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/x3zwxdmo9vh232f/AACgbpNIC9MfQdAseZmDtU92a/Vybz%20In%20The%20Sun?dl=0

Bobbi Kristina Brown, the daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown has passed away!

00-bobbi-kristina-brown-health-crisis-comaSeveral media outlets in the United States are reporting that 22 year old Bobbi Kristina Brown who was in a hospice has passed away. According to Entertainment Tonight, Bobbi Kristina passed away surrounded by family at the Peachtree Christian Hospice in Duluth Georgia today. In a statement to ET, the family thanked everyone for their love and support these past few months.

On Jan. 31, Bobbi Kristina was found unresponsive in her bathtub, and was then taken to North Fulton Hospital in Roswell, Georgia, where she was put on a ventilator to assist her breathing. She was later placed in a medically induced coma at Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital.

Nearly two months later, she was moved to a rehabilitation center, where she remained until June 24, when she was moved to the hospice center.

Teddy Ziggy Releases Video and Audio for Prodigal Son (@teddyziggy247 @urbancz2012)

11751038_1024672147565562_1380080919_nNigerian Reggae/Dancehall artist and ZiggyBag Entertainment front man Teddy Ziggy just released a powerful roots Reggae track entitled ‘Prodigal Son.’ Because he is known to do predominantly Dancehall and Afro-Beat tracks this new song signifies that he has grown musically.

The song was produced, mixed and mastered by Major P of Waddup Studio. He is also responsible for directing the official video which was released with the record.

The Urban Entertainment artist who recently dropped the video of his single titled ‘Stand United’ featuring Karamanti from (Jamaica) said he is set to take his Reggae-Dancehall tracks to the next level. Many who have heard it are already saying that ‘Prodigal Son’ is indeed mind blowing.

Watch the video here: 

Marlene Palmer’s Accurate Assessment Of Sandra Bland’s Murder & Cover Up

00-sandrabland001So what do you do after falsely arresting and imprisoning someone who vows to get justice, and they end up dead? As this sickening tragedy continues to unfold its becomes more and more apparent, that the powers that be will do whatever it takes, to ensure that those responsible for Sandra Bland’s murder are protected.

Those of us who really understands how this so called justice system works in regards to black people, knew and expected that those claiming to be investigating her death, would do whatever it takes to deflect and change the narrative, from the fact that she was unlawfully arrested, detained and subsequently found dead. To the fact that she was not only depressed she was suicidal. Ultimately taking her own life. This despite the fact that she has NEVER been clinically diagnosed.

Now we’re hearing from the investigation, allegations that go from her having previously attempted to commit suicide, to her self harming, to her having marijuana in her system. This is the investigation that their supposedly doing to see how Sandra Bland died. But even if that’s true what does that have to do with what happened to her? Why because this builds a bases for everything they will do going forward.

00-sandrabland002However for some strange reason the ONLY one that seem to be under investigation is Sandra Bland. We’ve heard nothing in regards to the investigation involving the bully boy thug with a badge Brian Encinia, who falsely accused and arrested Sandra Bland on trumped up charges, who both verbally and physically assaulted her both in and outside of the vehicle.

Who escalated a minor routine traffic stop from simply issuing her either a citation, warning, ticket and LET HER GO. Once it was deemed that there was no clear or present danger. To threatening to light her up with his taser, terrorizing this woman in the most despicable, cowardly and demeaning way.

Despite the fact that a preliminary investigation found that Encinia violated traffic stop & courtesy protocols. We seem to be unable to find out from DPS what exactly does ” violating traffic stop & courtesy protocols” really mean? Could they possibly be referring to his despicable, disgusting, aggressive, arrogant, egotistical, combative, abrasive, bullying behaviour? You think (sarcasm). What is the status with his investigation I wonder, if any?

00-sandra-bland003Hell even “DPS Director Steve McCraw stated that regardless of the situation, the DPS state trooper has an obligation to exhibit professionalism and be courteous,” “That did not happen in this situation.” When Texas State Senator Royce West was asked by reporters if Sandra Bland caused her own death, West said “no.” He also added that she didn’t deserve to be arrested in the first place.

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it over, and over, and over again, were it NOT for the actions of bully boy thug with a badge Brian Encinia, Sandra Bland would still be alive today. SANDRA BLAND’S BLOOD IS ON BRIAN ENCINIA HANDS! So it begs the question who is actually being investigated? The woman that was profiled, targeted and subsequently FOUND DEAD or the individuals both directly and indirectly who came into contact with Sandra Bland?

Let us be very clear every effort and attempt WILL be made to smear, tarnish, impeach, discredit and destroy Sandra Bland’s character and credibility. They will dig up whatever dirt they can to sully her reputation. That strategy has proved effective in the past, so I see no reason for them to deviate from it now. This is something they MUST DO, in order to deflect from this disgusting tragedy, that should have never, ever happened in the first place, to it being about Sandra Bland herself.

00-sandrabland004This witch-hunt has absolutely nothing to do with getting justice for Sandra Bland, this is about protecting, concealing and covering-up, for all parties involved. After all if they really wanted justice for her she would have NEVER BEEN ARRESTED IN THE FIRST PLACE.

So whatever they do at this point will be a whitewash both figuratively and literally. The system will do whatever it takes to protect a corrupt dirty cop! Just ask Serpico. Because keeping the status quo and keeping law and order, is the most important thing they can and must do at this point. What Sandra Bland’s case shows is how as a black person in America you have NO RIGHTS.

And just in case you forget your place, you’ve not only got bully boy thugs with badges to contend with, but the entire legal system at their disposal to do their bidding for them. I continue to be astounded by the sheer level of ignorance, bigotry, hate and downright stupidity that many whites and even some blacks have as it relates to what is really happening in this country.

Again there are those that get it and those that don’t, Sandra Bland got it, and did her best to articulate it by using ‪#‎SandySpeaks‬ as a platform to share her views about the things that mattered to her. A beautiful and articulate woman, she was full of life outgoing, and mindful, who spoke truth to power based on what she saw, both as a passionate black woman as well as an activist.

00-sandrabland005A 28-year-old woman who made a decision to relocate to another state after having had being offered not one but two jobs, a woman who was looking forward to starting a new chapter in her life. Who loved her family and was in turn loved by them. Who now are having to deal with the horror of what happened to their loved one, their sister, daughter and aunt.

Trying to make sense of and understand how their sister who on the day she was arrested was on her way to a job interview with her former university, Prairie View A & M University. Ends up dead days later. How tragic and ironic that someone who felt compelled to speak out against racism and injustice, becomes a victim of it herself. Sandra Bland’s family has every reason to be sceptical in regards to anything authorities tell them whether it be the events before and after, the autopsy and everything in-between.

We will NOT allow this corrupt system that is rigged at every single solitary point, to put Sandra Bland on trial. The only ones that should be on trial is the bully boy thug with a badge Brian Encinia, and the other responding officers, individuals at the Waller County Jail as well as the entire judicial and criminal system itself.

The sad reality is that with a grand jury deciding whether Sandra Bland was murdered, or she died of a suicide. And with the long racist history of Waller County itself. The odds of anyone being criminally held accountable for her arrest, jail time, and death are slim to none. This is the reality of living in an institutionally racist white supremacist society where black lives don’t matter.





Nas, Damian and Stephen Marley added to Bay Area Vibez Festival (@bayareavibez @stephenmarley @Nas @damianmarley)

Nas & Damian Marley
Nas & Damian Marley

Multi-platinum selling producer and DJ, Bassnectar joins three other heavy-hitting headliners; Grammy© winning artist, Damian Marley, Nas; hip-hop artist whose album hit #1 on American Billboard top 200 and eight time Grammy© winning artist/producer, Stephen Marley for the two-day, multistage Bay Area Vibez Festival. The second round of artist additions also include progressive electronic DJ/Producer Paper Diamond and the duo hip-hop euphoria legends, The Grouch & Eligh, American DJ/Producer Cut Chemist, the Godfather of mashups; DJ/Producer Z Trip, along with the budding “hippy-hop” rapper – Mod Sun, Jemere Morgan and Alex Kane.

The festival will take place at the awe-defying waterfront landscape of Middle Harbor Shoreline Park in Oakland, California on September 26 and 27. The added artists fuse extraordinary talent from sea-to-shining-sea, for a world-class music and arts festival, providing sheer music bliss.

Tickets are on sale now. Early bird General Admission are set at $65 for 1-day passes, $120 for 2-day passes and $159 1-day VIP, or $299 2-day VIP passes, which include early entrance to grounds, special VIP viewing and lounge area, VIP beer and wine garden and select organic foods and snacks. On August 01, ticket prices will rise to standard rates. Shuttle services will be available for convenient entrance to the festival. Parking passes are $29 per day. For more information, or to secure tickets, visit www.BayAreaVibez.com 

Portmore gears up for the musical Klash Competition “The Dj’s Supremacy”

Klash Flyers Dj SupremacyThe DJ Supremacy competition is set to be one of the biggest and most supportive musical clash competition to date, hosted by Cash Global HQ night club along with backing sponsorship from many of the major companies in the island such as; Turbo Energy Drink, Rum Bar Rum, Red Stripe, Juice Valley Jamaica Ltd and media outlets Irie Fm and Sun City Radio to broadcast intervals of the events live to air from the opening night.

All eyes will be on Portmore Jamaica as the event planners get ready for a huge in flock of traffic hitting up Layne Plaza at 29 Passage Fort Dr. in the coming weeks, commencing from July 25, 2015.

Interest locally and International, has been amazing, with a large number of participants to date. Sun Lighting Productions in full gear and a proud sponsor of the competition and various sponsors can be heard on Sun City 104 Fm.

New Reggae/Dancehall Mix by Selecta Steppaloo out of Jamaica

00-stepalooCheck out this Reggae/Dancehall mix by Selecta Steppaloo out of Jamaica EASY 2K15 CULTURE MIX


Karamanti, Romain Virgo, Bugle, Tarrus Riley, Etana, Vybz Kartel, Culture, Wheelah, Kabaka  Pyramid , Konshens, Charley Black, Notis, Iba Mahr, Richie Spice, Anthony B, Dre Island, Mikeylous, Chronixx, Villah Dutch, Muta King, Demarco, Khalilah Rose, I Octane,  Mavado, Chuck Fenda, Jah Bouks  and many more…

LISTEN HERE: https://www.mixcloud.com/selectahsteppaloo/selectah-stepa-looshous-easy-2k15-culture-mix/

Follow Steppaloo on Face-book: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009237315735