Veteran reggae singer, Cocoa Tea, has been added to the line-up of the R&B Reggae concert to be staged on December 27 and which features as headline act, the legendary R&B group, Atlantic Starr.

Scheduled to be held at the Golf Academy in New Kingston, the concert will also showcase the talents of reggae heavyweights Ken Boothe and Derrick Harriott, and according to the promoters, having Cocoa Tea in the mix is “ideal”.

“From the planning stages, we had Cocoa Tea as one acts who we definitely wanted to sign for this event. However, he wasn’t available initially, but he was subsequently able to work something out. When Cocoa Tea called to say he could do the show, we were ecstatic,” a member of the organizing committee disclosed.
They will be supported by talented cast which includes Digicel Rising Stars alums Noddy Virtue, Nikiesha Barnes, Jodian Pantry, current Rising Stars winner, T-Rizzy, Breezy McKenley and Roc Riva. All artistes will be backed by Lloyd Parks and We the People Band.

Cocoa Tea, whose real name is Calvin Scott, is one of Reggae’s most talented and versatile artistes, also wearing the caps of song-writer, producer and promoter. His smooth, easy-going vocal presentations have become his trademark, earning him wide international acclaim; with songs like “Lost My Sonia,” “Tune In” and “Rocking Dolly,” becoming world anthems in Reggae land.

Admired and respected for his fine, conscious recordings, the Rastafarian singer has been performing all over the world since 1984, with extensive tours to the US, Canada, the Caribbean and Japan. Locally he remains a staple on all major concerts. He has recorded for many of the top reggae labels including VP Records, Greensleeves Records and Ras Records. In 2000, he started his own Roaring Lion label which has released many songs for Cocoa Tea and other reggae/dancehall acts.

Cocoa Tea, who earned his stage name, because of his love for hot cocoa tea, attributes his inspiration to Jah. According to his biography, his aim is to be a role model, a source of learning and inspiration, like the great Bob Marley, whom he so admires. He says, “If one of my songs can be remembered and or quoted, and be of inspiration or guidance to anyone, then I shall be forever happy with my contribution musically.”

The R&B Reggae Concert is sponsored by the RJR Communications Group, Kool 97 FM, KLAS FM, Newstalk 93 FM, Suncity 104.9, Beaumont’s Car Rentals, Supermed Pharmacy, Mighty I Entertainment, Champion Customs Brokers and Border Patrol Security.

Blakkout Tour 2015 – Jamaica Edition (@Blakkwuman22)

Blakkout Tour 2015 – Jamaica Edition

In an attempt to help address the issue of Jamaican based artists lack of work opportunity on the island, record company Blakkwuman22 Music will be hosting a nationwide tour in the month of April. The tour is scheduled to stop in several parishes and will be engaging over a hundred artists and music professionals.

As the project is currently in the planning stage, the promoter remains open to the possibility of aligning with others in the industry so as to ensure that Blakkout Tour 2015 – Jamaica Edition is a success. Anyone interested in getting involved in the tour, in any respect, should send an email to



The ‘One Caribbean Music Festival’ which took place recently at the Central Broward Regional Park in Lauderhill, Florida hit a sizzling energy level when Jamaican music ambassador Richie Stephens delivered a blistering performance that some say was the best of the festival. Stephens took fans on a musical stroll down memory lane, crooning hits “Tougher Than Before,” “Trying To Get To You,” “Fight Back” and “True Believer.”

He upped the ante with “Real Reggae Music” before segued into “Winner” and “Spanish Harlem” which earned thunderous applauds. To show his musical dexterity, the “Life Your Life” singer delved into the inspirational “A Change Is Gonna Come” that was dedicated to ‘fallen soldiers’ Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin and others in the USA who have died at the hands of rogue cops. The emotional charged song was perfectly executed and had the entire park singing along. The lively gospel medley that followed, warmed hearts and set the stage for the hot new ‘Ska Teck’ single “Everybody Dance” that raised the bar ten fold.

“Ska Tech is definitely not just hot in Jamaica but it is now an international phenomenon. I was total blown away by how well it was embraced by fans here today” Stephens declared moments after he left the stage.

The singer confessed that prior to arriving in Florida, he had not plan to perform the song with dancers.

“To be honest, I had no plan to perform ‘Everybody Dance’ with dancers. When I realized just how popular the song is in Florida, I had to scramble to find a competent group in less than 24 hours and what a spectacular job the ‘Lime Light Squad’ did here today” he remarked.

Stephens next big performance will be at the 19th annual Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival set for January 29-31, 2015 at the Trelawny Stadium, Falmouth, Jamaica.

“Festival Producer Walter Elmore has again shown confidence in my ability and has given me the opportunity to represent Jamaica and reggae on a major event in Jamaica. The festival boast an impressive lineup of international stars including Magic, SoJa and pop star Mariah Carey who will be performing for the first time in Jamaica. This is an important assignment and I have some exciting things planned” Stephens noted.

Yasiin Bey FKA Mos Def speaks on America’s current Upheaval (@MosDefOfficial)

yasiin bey downloads

Where are we? We’re at critical time. We’re at watershed moment for humanity. I imagine we’ve been here before and I imagine we’ve probably been here longer than we realize. I think many of us are becoming even more aware of where we are. And the urgency to change this miserable condition on this earth” (as Malcolm X said) is occurring to many of us and reaffirming itself.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It’s an opportunity for necessary change. Positive change. And it’s not necessarily convenient or comfortable. As I’m sure is with any period of growth.

I read somewhere that in order for an arrow to fly the bow has to be drawn back. There’s some pressure involved and I think we’re all feeling that pressure. Some of us are more aware of it than others. Some of us are trying to drown it out. But we all feel it one way or another in indelible ways in these times and days.

“Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.”

Listen Audio:



Guilty, introduces us to the sentimental side of the Sherwinn “Dupes” Brice. Acoustic guitars fused with piano and a small orchestral set wrapped ever so gently around Dupes’ vocals deliver this heartwarming ode to love designed to have you floating on cloud nine. Lyrically the song is a confession that there is no price too small that Dupes will pay for the Crime of Love. Dupes pleads Guilty and is prepared to serve a lifetime sentence for love.  

Nesbeth’s Victory EP should have been an album! (@NesbethReggae)


On Tuesday November 4th 2014 Jamaica once again showed why it is and will always be the home of authentic Reggae music. It is on this day that singer Nesbeth released his five tracks EP entitled VICTORY.

The EP starts with the track “Marijuana” then goes into track 2, “Jah Jah Handpick”. Some may consider both songs as ordinary records that do not stand out in any way. However, all that changes once you get to track 3, (the EP title track) “Taste Victory” which was produced by DJ Frass. It is very difficult to listen to this song and not move something on your body, whether it’s rocking your head or stomping your feet, the beat demands that you respond. And Nesbeth for his part is absolutely captivating on this record. Both his flow as well as his words will have every listener locked in. “Taste Victory” is a beautiful song in which the artist talks extensively about all the difficulties he has been through as he now celebrates what he considers to be VICTORY.

In track 4 Nesbeth takes you even deeper with the song “Hundu Lay Lay” which he produced himself. Warning, this song is strictly for righteous warriors and fighters, it is not for passive indecisive souls. On this record Nesbeth addresses the issues of conformity, the attempts of world governments to have us all acting, looking and sounding alike. He touches on topics such as freedom of speech and self hatred, specifically amongst Africans and people of African descent. The beauty about this record is that all the aforementioned was nicely done on top of well played keke drums. It is difficult to effectively describe this song, one simply has to listen and feel for oneself. 86

The final track on the EP is “Even Though” produced by Merrick Shaw. The minute this song starts it literally takes you to a different place and time. For each listener the journey will be different but for all it is guaranteed to be a pleasurable one. Once this song ends you begin to wish that there is a track 6 to skip to and it is for this reason that the review is titled; Nesbeth’s Victory EP should have been an album. The feel of this EP starts out very ordinary but with each song it builds into something spectacular.

MJ highly recommends that everyone gets a copy of VICTORY! It is distributed by Zojak.

Zayne’s Biography (@Zaynemuzik)


Like many other artists before him, Dwayne Haase, more popularly known as Zayne, started off singing on the church choir. As a young man, Zayne spent a significant amount of time in the Portland community of Jamaica with his grandfather who owned a sound system, something that Zayne found quite fascinating back then. Whenever the opportunity presented itself, he would play around on his grandfather’s sound, singing over various record versions. He also spent a lot of time singing in youth groups and at Sunday school but he eventually transitioned from gospel to more secular genres. His musical inspiration came from artists such as Buju Banton, Jah Cure, Sizzla, Bob Marley and other culture based Reggae and Dancehall performers.

Zayne had an interest in aircraft engineering and felt that when he got older he would become either a recording artist or an engineer. His pursuit for a degree in aircraft engineering landed him at the Nation Aviation Academy in Tampa, Florida. While in Florida, he began to realize that he was on his way to accomplishing one of his dreams (becoming an aircraft engineer) but the other (becoming an artist), was being neglected. So by 2009 Zayne started to take frequent trips back to Jamaica where he connected and worked with established producers such as Red Boom, Digital Sham and others, all this while simultaneously performing on stage shows in and around Florida.

He has recorded several singles such as “my hero”, “strip tease”, “party in JA”, “look how long” and that is just to name a few. The record that has gotten him the most attention to date however is entitled “energy up”. Since its release, Zayne has gotten a lot of feature on music blogs and radio stations across America, Africa and Jamaica. The songs popularity also resulted in him being interviewed on Randy’s radio (New York), Boston 87 FM (Boston), Zip FM (Jamaica), Vibe 103 FM (Atlanta), Irie 98.3 (Bermuda) and many others.  Zayne has done work with the following record labels; Frenz For Real, Hard at Work, Money Green, Anthony Records, First Name Music, Claims Records and Digitalize Records. He has shared the stage with some of the biggest acts in the Reggae/Dancehall industry, one name worth highlighting is Mavado. Zayne songs are featured on many mix tapes by some of the most popular DJs in the industry; DJ Junky, DJ Kenny, DJ Dotcom and DJ Scary Gary.

Having now relocated back to Jamaica, Zayne’s focus is entirely on his career as a recording artist (though he has a degree in Engineering). With the current buzz that he is getting, he plans on capitalizing on it by releasing an EP called “Bloody City” in March 2015. Additionally, he will be working on a lot of singles all of which will be released periodically throughout the year.

Zayne is not signed to any record label or management company but he is represented by First Order Production. Anyone wanting to work with him may contact Camille Cole via email at or via phone at (876) 296-4916.

Fans and supporters of Zayne’s music are encouraged to follow him on social media so that they can be updated on his career.


Biography written by

Check out King Mezzy the Milwaukee Producer (@KingMezzy414)


King Mezzy is a New Young Producer from Milwaukee Wisconsin, he grew up listening to all kinds of music; Rap, Rock & R&B. Hard working and very dedicated to his music, King Mezzy is producing for a number of artists in Milwaukee including several Money Made Musick emcees. His beats are influenced by producers such as Timbaland, Kanye West, Lex Luger, Southside and Pharrell which reflects in many of his instrumentations.

King Mezzy is busy during the day as an engineer in Milwaukee; mixing and recording rappers and vocalists as he comes up in the game. Look out for this hot new talent and check out a number of his beats on his website link below.

Mad Decent Premiers The Kemist – “Party Animal” Mixtape (@iamthekemist)


MAD DECENT Premiers The Kemist’s new mixtape, “Party Animal”’ on December 10, 2014Now Available for Streaming and FREE DOWNLOAD at

On his first Mixtape, The Kemist showcases the immense success he’s had over the last year which included collaborations with electronic music’s hottest names (Yellow Claw, Tropkillaz, Dirtcaps, LNY TNZ, Ruthless, Cesqeaux and Seek N Destroy), as well as teases us with his New Releases:

 ·         Tropkillaz & The Kemist “Figure 8” (Release via Buuum Trax/Skol Music on Dec.19, 2014),

·         The Kemist & Dirtcaps – “Boss It Up” (Release via Barong/Spinnin on Dec. 22, 2014); and

·         LNY TNZ and Ruthless feat. The Kemist – “Fired Up” (Release via Barong/Spinnin on February 2, 2015.)

The Mixtape is truly indicative of the The Kemist and Tropic Electric’s unique sound; a fusion of the classic Caribbean genres of Reggae and Dancehall with Electronic music. It’s high-energy, big drops, heavy bass lines and seamless transitions between tracks of varying tempos bare strong resemblance to his counterparts DJ Fresh (UK) and Major Lazer.

The Kemist’s story is as unique as his music. Born in Kingston Jamaica, The Kemist grew up around reggae royalty. His mother is the Queen of Reggae, Marcia Griffiths, and his father, Errol Thompson Snr. was a musician and popular radio personality.

This mixtape is the perfect way to end the year, as we look forward to the new one which will bring further single releases, a UK and European tour and the release of his collaborative debut EP with Tropkillaz.