Sign Petition to take the “Ferguson Case” to the Supreme Court


The case of Michael Brown, more often known as the ‘Ferguson Case’, has received national attention since Michael Brown was shot at least six times, including twice in the head, by Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson. Multiple eyewitness accounts, as well as video footage, contradict statements released by the Ferguson Police Department claiming that the murder was justified. Many media accounts attempted to paint Michael Brown as a ‘thug’ as a way to justify his murder.

Michael Brown was an 18 year old Black boy. This case was brought to the Ferguson Grand Jury, and it was reported on Monday, November 24th, that there would be no indictment of Darren Wilson. Darren Wilson’s escaping of indictment, despite the fact that he murdered a teenager, was unjustly decided. This case must be brought to a higher level of court, where a higher level of justice can be fought for.

Please click on the following link to sign a petition requesting that the case be taken to the Missouri Supreme Court;

Hip-hop Artists plans nationwide boycott of Black Friday (@QtipTheAbstract)

boycott black friday

Several hip-hop artists are reaching out to their fan base asking them not to support America’s annual Black Friday shopping spree this year. This is in reaction to the verdict handed down in the Michael Brown killing.

Late last night in Ferguson, Missouri, Darren Wilson a white police officer was acquitted of killing an unarmed Black teenager. The two got in an altercation earlier in the year which resulted in Darren Wilson firing approximately six shots at Michael Brown. The boy died and his body was left lying in the street for about four hours.

The verdict has people from all over the world weighing in. A few hip-hop artists, Q-Tip, Talib Kweli and others are asking their fans and supporters not to buy anything this Black Friday. The idea is that if you want to get the attention of the powers that be in America’s unjust system, the best way is to hit them where it really hurts, and that is in their pockets.

The twitter hashtag for the boycott is #NotOneDime #BlackFriday. If you really want to let your voices be heard regarding the Michael Brown killing this seems to be a very effective way, STAY HOME ON BLACK FRIDAY

New Gospel Reggae by Shauna Dixon (@ShaunaDazzle)


Shauna Dixon aka Shauna Dazzle is a Player of Instruments, and a person God has used to deliver a message for those who are hurting.

Her new track “Father” relays inspiration to those in need.  Shauna sings:  “… you never let me down / with you I always prevail / through storms I stand my ground / now the stresses of life are raging / and I know you’re in my side / but it’s hard to see very clearly / when the storms are battering high / I need you Father ….”

Persons can understand and relate to every word sung.  Download this great song at the links below.

Mediafire Link

More songs from Shauna: Link

Righteous Youths Records presents Heights Riddim (@ASHAHEIGHTS)


Recording artist Asha Heights and CEO of Righteous Youths Records has released a very powerful rhythm driven project called Heights Riddim. The album features the likes of Queen Ifrica, Fantan Mojah, Karamanti and himself Asha Heights among others.

Heights Riddim is an authentic roots Reggae compilation that completely represents the heart of Jamaica’s Reggae culture. Persons may listen to a medley mix of the Heights Riddim here: 

And DJs wanting a promo copy of the album should send an email to

Oritse Femi accused of scamming Nigerian promoters in Europe (@urbancz2012 @oritsefemi)


One of Nigeria’s biggest acts, Oritse Femi is being accused of scamming Urban Entertainment CZ by abandoning his Europe tour after collecting monies and gifts from the promoter.

Reports are circulating that Oritse Femi left his hotel room in Czech Republic without being noticed and headed back to Nigeria. The artist apparently wants more money before continuing with the tour even though there was an agreement prior to the start of the tour. Claims are that the artist is now saying he wants additional monies outside of the signed agreement.

Nigeria & Jamaica Connected in a big way in Europe (@Karamanti @teddyziggy247)


This past weekend Jamaican artist Karamanti connected with Nigerian artist Teddy Ziggy in Prague City (Czech Republic) to shoot the video for their single “Stand United”. Both parties regard the shoot as a major success and looks forward to the final edit.

On Saturday night they also performed the song live at Solidini Jistota night club for the very first time and the audiences loved it! DJs, Radio, Bloggers etc. can download a copy of the single “Stand United” here

For more pictures from the shoot visit Karamanti’s facebook page here:

Peppery – Love Me Back (Official Video) @pepperyworld


One of the UK’s most talented Reggae artist, Peppery, has just released his latest music video for the track “love me back”. The video and the record was directed and produced by the A.R.T Department.

Obibini takes on skin bleaching (@Obibiniboafo)


People bleach for different reasons- some in search for a life partner, others because they think it is okay to tone the skin, some accidentally bleach, others deliberately do it to get a job, appear of a certain class, or to be of a certain influence to friends.

According to a 2005 Ghana Health service report, approximately 30% of Ghanaian women and 5% of Ghanaian men were actively bleaching. This shot-up, and currently 50%- 60% of adult Ghanaian women are currently or have at one time or the other actively used bleaching agents.

As a reality artiste OBIBINI found this statistic staggering and rather disturbing, given that Obviously Black Is Beautiful Infinite & Naturally Inspiring.
Typical of Africa’s dopest lyricist, OBIBINI addresses one of Africa’s deepest mental enslavements in the most satirical way.
“WAYUUSU” is to say “you have used it”, a chemical used to change the tone or bleach the skin.

Produced by NAD XLUSIVE for S&L and ToonToom records, Herein attached, hear »
this new banger on the subject matter of Skin Bleaching.

STORY BY: Adokwei Addo

Pan! Our Music Odyssey! (@TrinidadTunes)


A CD/DVD boxset of the critically acclaimed Trinidad made film Pan! Our Music Odyssey was released in local stores across the country on November 20.

The DVD features the ground breaking 85 minute docu-drama that blends a fictional account of the adventures of steel pan’s young creators 70 years ago with the real life stories of musicians who come from all over the world every year to be part of the Panorama experience.

The boxset also includes a CD featuring the soundtrack for the film including Len “Boogsie” Sharpe, Ray Holman, Andy Narell , Bunji, Calypso Rose, Sparrow and more.

Pan! Our Music Odyssey just completed a successful two week run at local cinemas across the country and is also making the rounds of film festivals in Europe.

The film is the first of its kind, and celebrates not only the international musical triumph that is the steelpan, but the spirit of adventure and the power of imagination of the young men who were involved in its creation 70 years ago. The 20 pages booklet is written by Kim Johnson.

The Pan! Our Music Odyssey boxset is available at all major music and book stores from November 20.


Strictly The Best Vol. 50 Mixed By Rico Vibes! (@RICOVIBES @VPRecords)


Rico Vibes is one of the best Selectors and Disc Jocks representing Reggae, Dancehall, Soul and R&B, and when it comes to putting together a mixtape, Rico is strictly the best which is why VP Records reached out to our industry veteran to ask him to make this mix!

Playing classics from yesteryear and today, Rico creates the perfect balance for Caribbean nationals to appreciate the mix’s selection, and to lure new fans to consume the genre. Kaboom! Where else can you hear Half Pint, Penthouse Records artist Shuga and Jah’s messenger Luciano, alongside Etana, Sanchez, Duane Stephenson and George Nooks in the same place?!

Rico Vibes, founder of Natural Vibes Sound, has been creating mixtapes for several years, and is the creator of the signature series Singers Choice. The Singers Choice franchise is so classic, that Vol. 1, made in 1998 is now worth an estimated $60 USD in good condition (with inlay card and jewel case), as is Vol. 2 to 15. If you have a copy of these mixes, you have gold in your hands!

Every song selected on Strictly the Best Vol. 50, every jingle played, every word spoken is perfectly placed and ready for you to play at any function and for any occasion! Make sure you get your copy of Strictly the Best Vol. 50 mixed by Rico Vibes for VP Records using the link below! You can also buy a copy of the compilation at



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