Has Lady Saw gone too far?


We all heard reports of Lady Saw giving her life to Christ in recent years. She seemed to have toned down the dirty lyrics and even seemed to be more responsible in her live performances. This was all until her recent clash at Sting 2013 in which she went at her colleague, Macka Diamond. Many persons thought that Lady Saw was too vulgar in the clash and said some things that were not necessary.

If persons thought that she was too vulgar in her Sting performance we here at MJMagazine are curious to hear what they are now saying about her latest single, “ask dem artist” on the John John Label. In it, Lady Saw seems to have gone right back to where she started, she is raw, raunchy and arguably out of order.

You be the judge and decide whether or not Lady Saw has gone too far, have a listen:


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