Bryan Art speaks with MJMagazine (@bryanartmuzik)

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Jamaica is known for great Reggae music and musicians one of which is the talented Bryan Art. Bryan Art has done work with, and for some of the best and most respected names in the Jamaican music industry. He has been on the scene for several years working both behind the scenes (producing and writing for others) as well as in the forefront as an artist in his own right. MJMagazine got the opportunity to speak with him about his career, this is what he had to say.


MJMagazine: In early 2000’s you came on the scene and was visibly active up until maybe 2006 or somewhere there then you seem to have disappeared until 2012, what was going on with you during that time?

Bryan Art: I am not certain as to what I should attribute the seeming inactivity between 2006 to lately, but I have always been very consistent in terms of recording and trying to promote my work. One probable factor though is the slight name change from Brah Yhan which was just a customized spelling of “Bryan” to Bryan Art.


MJMagazine:  Beres Hammond is one of the artist that inspires you, just wondering have you ever done any work with or for him? And if so tell us about that

Bryan Art: You are indeed correct that Beres Hammond strongly inspires my work but it is still a mere dream of mine to do some work with him.


MJMagazine: Tell us about the album released in April 2013 (tracks, producers, distribution, features, inspirations etc.)

Bryan Art: The self titled album (Bryan Art) released in 2013 was a repackaging of my debut for which I had just secured an official distribution arrangement. The original was a brave step out via my own independent label (Junction Files) in 2010. The album had 13 tracks, five of which (including the opening acoustic track) was produced by myself. “Get It” produced by FIWI Music has been a household favorite, thus kicking off the rhythmic segment at number two followed by the 1st  of four collabs –  “New Day”,  “Reggae Ville riddim”, Oneness Records, feat. Warrior King. Other collaborations include “Murder Dem A Play” with the great Queen Ifrika on a rework of Studio One’s “Skylarking” riddim,  “Dem Fass” ( Junction Files) with the fire man Capleton and “Second Class” by RPR with one of my favorite DJs, Hawkeye. The work was sealed at number thirteen with an upbeat lovers rock (“Best Of My Love”) by Jamplified Records.


MJMagazine: why did you change management in 2013?

Bryan Art: The reason I had to do a management change in 2013 is because my former manager needed help but was unwilling to work with anyone.


MJMagazine: What are some of the key difficulties you are experiencing now as you are running your record label, your band and your solo career?

Bryan Art: One of the key difficulties with running my record label along with my band and solo career is the lack of adequate distribution, competing with “TV tracks” booking request and lack of consistent airplay respectively.


MJMagazine: There is a seemingly constant chatter about Reggae from Jamaica being in trouble, what say you to that statement?

Bryan Art: Of course there is! …and I tend to agree with the “consistent chatter” that reggae from Jamaica is in trouble”. Unlike back in the days of Dennis Brown, Garnet Silk etc. regardless of the presence of payola then, the cream somehow rose to the top, but nowadays if you want to hear the best reggae tunes you have to go to the studio. It is almost impossible to get a song played enough without a huge budget. For instance, my songs are always characterized by contagious hooks along with an easy melodic line and tight rhymes conveying positive messages, so by merit they would get played on the struggling radio stations or a DJ who is definitely looking out for me. Otherwise you only hear them until it feels like the public is catching on then the abrupt cut. This is also the story of many of my colleagues. Now how does an artiste get to even build a catalogue? How does he even dream of keeping up with our counterparts from much better economies?


MJMagazine: From the outside looking in it seems as though all your successes have been orchestrated by you, how would you advice emerging artists trying to achieve what you have?

Bryan Art: In order to drive your own success you have to equip yourself with a fair knowledge of the process. Not so much as to fool yourself into believing that you can do it alone but to be able to identify who is right for the job. Teamwork is optimal.


MJMagazine: If someone wanted to work with you, how would they go about contacting you?

Bryan Art: I can always be reached via email:; facebook: bryanartmuzik; Twitter: @bryanartmuzik Phone: (Ja) 876-283-9974 (US) 240-380-4706


MJMagazine: Is there anything specific you want to share with the public?

Bryan Art: There is always something to share with the public: KNOWLEDGE IS THE POWER fi control the tower and rival Elezabeth crown…

Check out the track on YouTube:


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