WOW RIDDIM Review (@RnBiggy)

wow (1)

Biggy of the duo Razz and Biggy have released what can be considered a refreshing dancehall project in WOW RIDDIM. The compilation features some very talented established and emerging artists; Agent Sasco, Propa fade, Natel, Ninja Kid, Ranco, Tanto Metro & Devonte, Pamputtae and Kalado.

Unlike some of the recent dancehall releases, WOW RIDDIM does not have any disgraceful derogatory content that have unfortunately sunk dancehall music to what many say is its lowest level. Hats off to Biggy for bringing back feel good dancehall music. Anyone who does not enjoy this project is sadly damaged by the “new dancehall” or dance-fall. Itunes link to purchase all songs:

Have a listen and enjoy… 

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