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Puom King Ras Kuuku Prepares for SHS tour (@Raskuuku)

Ras Kuuku

Whether for the better or worse, there is no doubt that education is the most powerful weapon of transformation to a nation. If you have been educated, at least to the secondary level in Ghana, you may acknowledge it as the truth, that what is now known as Senior High School (SHS) is a major crossroad for the youth. It has been on the political menu, the promise of free SHS; some took it for granted and till date they stand haunted, others made the most of it and today have unlocked a host of opportunities for themselves. The saying that Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom, resonates with many including Ras Kuuku and his Puom crew.

In pursuit of our mission to promote positive black music and tell the stories of the people behind them, MJ Magazine spoke to Puom Music’s C.E.O about his upcoming SHS tour.

Born Kojo Kurankye in Accra Ghana, Ras Kuuku is one of the few who took their secondary education for a gamble yet won the bet. A fast rising Reggae musician from Assin-Fosu and Assin Bosumadwe in the central Region, Ras Kuuku calls himself an African. In his words “I am a black man from Ghana in Africa, known in ancient time as Ethiopia”.”My faith is in Emperor Haile Selassie because him adi king of kings and the lord of lords … I see righteousness and light in H.I.M”.

11097019_10202758987174344_69321530_oRas Kuuku found the need to address the importance of pursuing academic excellence, and to this end the puom legend is preparing for an SHS tour, starting from his Alma mater, Nungua Preseco. In his words “Upon entry into the Senior High School you see different attitudes, some of the youth lose their focus and end up following after friends”. This he said he had fallen victim of, leading to his dismisal then from school. Growing up Ras Kuuku has learnt his lessons and find them more of the reasons to do an SHS tour. Ras Kuuku grew up in Dome, a suburb of Accra, with his brother Jah Shock who gives the outro in every Puom Music. Jah Shock attended Emmit Technical and together the duo intend to use this tour to ‘rebel’ the youth from bad to good deeds, spreading the message of Good over d’evil, irrespective of one’s faith.

Ras Kuuku’s “show them love” herein attached, has been nominated #VGMA15 Reggae/Dancehall song of the year; text S1 to 1767 to vote for the song. Ras Kuuku has also been nominated #VGMA15 Reggae/Dancehall artiste of the year; text G2 to 1767 to vote and to support the cause of increasing excellence in our SHSs. Email: to book your school.

Article by: Adokwei Addo


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