JAHNNY SCORCHY biography (@JahnnyScorchy)

Jahnny Scorchy (3)Vaughn Dunn, better known to the public as Jahnny Scorchy, is a native of Morant Bay, St. Thomas. While in Jamaica he lived with his mother, brothers, uncles and grandparents before relocating to Toronto, Ontario at the age of ten to join his father. As an adolescent, Vaughn would play his fathers’ large collection of records and would enjoy when his mother listened and sang along to them. Those experiences coupled with his brothers’ encouragement inspired him to pursue music as a career. In the 90s his brothers owned and operated a popular sound system in Toronto called The Untouchables; they would always take young Vaughn to the studio to make dub plates (exclusive songs for their sounds system) and eventually began to get him on stage shows in and around the city. He performed at block parties and dancehall competitions as Johnny Blaze and Jahnny Knumonic until 2010 when he officially changed his name to Jahnny Scorchy. Though Jahnny Scorchy is a lover of all musical genres he specializes in urban sounds; Reggae, Dancehall, Hip-hop etc.

As an independent artist, Jahnny Scorchy works very hard to stay relevant by setting and achieving one major career goal each year. He performed at one of Canada’s biggest Reggae events, the Montreal Reggae Festival in 2007, in 2008 and 2009 he performed at the popular event, St. Thomas Link Up, held in Jamaica, in 2010 he started his own record label called Marvelous Music, in 2011 he performed at a new years eve show with established acts; Sizzla Kalonji and Tarrus Riley, in 2012 he released the ‘fire in the ice mix tape’, in 2013 he returned to Jamaica to shoot three music videos, one of which is for his hit single, ‘catch a fyah’, in 2014 he officially released ‘catch a fyah’ as a single and in 2015 he released the video which is currently in steady rotation on several networks in Jamaica, USA, and other small islands.  Watch the official video for ‘catch a fyah’ here: 

Jahnny Scorchy is currently in the studio working on his debut EP which he hopes to have out before the end of 2015. He also recently launched a website which focuses on promoting Reggae music, culture and lifestyle; Additionally, Jahnny is simultaneously promoting the single and video for ‘catch a fyah’.

Persons wanting to work with him may do so by sending an email to And his social sites are FB:, Twitter:


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