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Reggae/Dancehall Artist To Watch: Lise Ranks

00-liseLise Ranks is making her way into the Danish Dancehall and Reggae community as one of the only women in the genre in Denmark. She sings with a strong voice and has a powerful energetic performance. She produces almost all of her songs by herself, which gives her music both personality and originality. Her lyrics which clearly reflects her reality and opinions can be felt by every listener.

Lise Ranks’ passion for music began when she was only 10 years of age, and got an opportunity to develop her talent and skills in the local Youth center; Fri-Stedet in Aalborg, Denmark. She started as a singer in a rock band at the age of 10 and by age 14 she was rapping and singing on hip-hop instrumentals.

As she turned 18 she got a job at the aforementioned youth center, where her duties included making music with kids and teenagers. It is there that she started to learn how to produce music, and got a taste of the benefits of doing the production herself. “It gives me opportunity to give the lyrics the exact feeling through the music, and the music gives me the right feeling when I sing the lyrics,” says Lise Ranks. In the past couple of years she has truly found her own sound in Reggae and Dancehall. Very shortly she will be releasing a combination with Karamanti, an equally strong Jamaican female Reggae/Dancehall artist.


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