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Sunni Patterson will be live on Mutabaruka’s radio show tonight (@SUNNIPATTERSON @mutabarukax)

Sunni Patterson

Mama Sunni as she is sometimes called will be in studio with Mutabaruka tonight on his popular radio show, The Cutting Edge. Sunni Patterson is in Jamaica because she performed on the ‘Dis Poem Wordz and Agro Festival’ held in Portland this past Sunday. The conversation between Sunni Patterson and Mutabaruka should be a very interesting one as these are two extremely captivating and thought provoking poets.

The Cutting Edge airs on Jamaica’s IRIE FM which is on the 107 radio dial; it can also be heard online at


ABOUT SUNNI PATTERSON: More than a poet, more than a singer, more than an emcee–it’s not just what she says, it’s how she says it. Emerging from the musical womb that is New Orleans, artist and visionary Sunni Patterson combines the heritage and tradition of her Native town with an enlightened modern world view to create music and poetry that is timeless in its groove.


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