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00-chryIn an unexpected email, many volunteers who spent their time and resources to promote and endorse diversity in Toronto, were recently told that their services were no longer needed by CHRY 105.5 FM.

CHRY was one of the last community stations that had several shows that catered to the Caribbean and African community through music. It assisted many Blacks in the music industry to showcase their tracks and connected the African and Caribbean community in Toronto. As a community station their survival is based on donations from the community, which is astonished at the removal of the diverse multicultural programs.

A petition has been started that will be sent to various bodies of government and other entities to make it known that this sudden act has a grave impact on not only the radio hosts that made CHRY a success, but also on the listeners and members of the community that donated financially to keep the radio up and running. Please sign the following petition to show your support


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