Dancehall, Reggae

Josey Wales to Headline Several Popular Music Festivals this Summer

00-josey-wales-jamaican-deejayIt’s no secret that the legendary Josey Wales is regarded as one of Reggae music’s most influential artists. Recognized as a cornerstone deejay, Wales, who is dubbed the “Outlaw” by peers and fans, helped shape the genre we know and love as Reggae Dancehall. Now, more than ever before, Wales has proven that time hasn’t got a thing on him. This summer alone, the iconic artist has landed performances on 3 major U.S. music festivals.
The one and only “Outlaw” has been atop the request list of promoters this year, earning  prime positioning on high profile concerts including the famed “Best of the Best” Music Fest in Bayfront Park (Miami, Florida) on Sunday, May 24; Oracabessa Festival in Roy Wilkins Park (Queens, New York) on Monday, May 25; and the Reggae Meets Blues/Jazz at International Festival of Life, IFOL (Chicago, Illinois) on July 4. What’s extremely befitting is the adulation and praise for Wales music and performances has expanded to a younger generation of Reggae music fans. Notably, Wales has garnered quite the buzz from memorable and electrifying performances at Sting, Sierra Nevada Music Festival and other big events.

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