Obibini delivers the 10 Black Commandments; a compilation of Hip-Hop laws (@Obibiniboafo)

00-obWhile real underground hip-hop continues to plummet in the west, some MCs in the east are establishing their authority over the genre. One such master of the act is Obibini Boafo. Since “The Ten Black Commandments” was premiered on Joy 99.7 FM’s Open House Party, the song by OBIBINI has gone viral and continues to undergo several online reviews. Currently Number 2 on the Loud Sound Ghana Top 10 Trending songs, “The Ten Black Commandments” is an epic piece of Anglo Akan literature in which OBIBINI delivers the hip-hop laws to follow, to overcome career flaws. Portrayed as the biblical Moses from the hip-hop mountains of Sinai, the RAP mogul lists ten (10) RAP commandments to becoming successful in a career of RAP Music and Hip-Hop.

Rule #1: RAP Music is talent driven and should not be forcefully taken.
Rule #2: Education is the tool; only fools go about proclaiming school
is not cool.
Rule #3: Avoid the irrelevant and stick to the concept in every track.
Rule #4: Check your timing in every delivery.
Rule #5: Your vibes shall be tight, avoid capitalizing on hype.
Rule #6: You must be fit when you spit, do regular jogging, hit the road at 6.
Rule #7: Better RAP comes from rehearsing.
Rule #8: Shake the stage and let your audience be amazed.
Rule #9: Your freestyle must give a sweet smile, on the spot; put your
thoughts on speed dial.
Rule #10: Be original, because being a copy will not even get you to
the regionals

Music is a significant piece of the African social fabric. Music is an integral part of the African culture, and it plays a significant role in every event of our lives. OBIBINI believes that RAP; best described as Rhythmic Afrikan Poetry originates from “Ahenfie” (the Chief’s palace), where the chief’s mouth piece, a lyricist known as the linguist, till date displays the art form. In a demonstration of his inner conviction that music orderly done can change the fortunes of the black nation, OBIBINI titled this classic piece of heart work, The Ten Black Commandments.

“There must be checks and balances everywhere, and in Hip-Hop somebody has to stand for realness ~Obibini Boafo”. Mixed by Kilo beats, the song was done on legendary rapper Notorious BIG’s “Ten Crack Commandments” cover. From the School Of Afrikan Knowledge, here in attached, hear The Ten Black Commandments. 

Article by: Adokwei Addo


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