Osujah Records Supports School in St. Ann, Jamaica (@OsujahRecords @anaicon14)

00-Osujah logoOn the afternoon of Friday May 8th, 2015, New Vision Early Childhood Institution received a visit from Osujah Record’s premier artists Anaicon and Inanny bearing the first monthly gift of much needed school supplies for the institution. A major focus of Osujah’s CEO and bachelor educated registered nurse, Donna Burnett, is environmental and public health.

The Principal Claudette Brown and members of her staff were presented with a months supply of cleaning agents, bleach, soap, and toilet paper by Anaicon and Inanny, in the schools auditorium. Additionally staff and students received Mothers’ Day gifts of their latest album Vibez in the Sun with tracks by Anaicon, Inanny, Ikanji, Ras Preedem, King Kolumn and Lady Donna. The artists, Anaicon and Inanny were well received by staff and students at New Vision Early Childhood Institution where they spent the afternoon interacting with all present.

Anaicon is currently working on his debut album which will be released soon. Anaicon enjoys working with the youths and encourages all young people to take full advantage of the available educational opportunities as “education is the passport to success,” quotation by Malcolm X. Inanny believes that all things are from the earth and that is where all things will return, therefore our strength lies in the yielding of earth’s treasures through farming and the planting of seeds, both literally and metaphorically. Anaicon pledges continued support to local schools and his community in the effort to raise awareness and improve the success rates of our youths, while Inanny is focused on leading the movement to plant positive seeds so we can all reap an abundant harvest.


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