Dancehall, Reggae


00-RICHARD__BURGESSFor over two years, top Jamaican broadcaster, Richard ‘Richie B’ Burgess, has been waking up the nation on Mello Daybreak, a programme that has shown tremendous growth under his watch. However, news broke on Friday, that his stint with Mello FM had come to an end.

When pressed, he said, “without going into too much detail, a particular benefit that was included in my original contract, was being removed, I thought, unjustifiably and that led to the stalemate.”

Mello Daybreak under Richie B’s direction, gave the station it’s biggest ever listenership in the prime 6am – 9am timeslot, as evidenced in the most recent MRSL All Media Survey. It also took revenues to never before seen heights.

When asked ‘where do you go from here?’, the man dubbed The Party Master said “for now, i’ll be dedicating a lot of time and giving a great deal of attention to my latest business venture, an upscale wholesale liquor centre in Kingston. This will keep me quite busy for a while yet” he said.

As for a quick return to radio, he said “If there’s a radio station with a good management structure, all island accessibility and technical competence, who needs, probably Jamaica’s most exciting early morning show host on their team, I’m ready to commence dialogue” he said with grin.


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