Jamaican Reggae Artist Michael Taylor aka Mikey General Thrills California Audience! (@MikeyGeneral7)

Mrs. Taylors’ Bwoy does it again! took it to them one more time. 

00-mikeyUSA that’s a wrap for now the General; The Original Mikey General is headed back to Jamaica, having completed a successful U.S. solo tour.  

I guess that silences the critics, who earlier on speculated that Mikey General could not do a USA tour without the aid of Luciano. Mrs. Taylor’s Bwoy has proven without a doubt that he is the master of his destiny. 

I had the pleasure of seeing Mikey General perform live, three times at three different venues in Northern California; going in I had no doubt of his greatness, however his spectacular performance put a smile on my face as it was just magical to witness the outpouring of love going out to him, all during his performance.  The range of emotions was so unique, with one fan, beating on the stage floor with her hand, another crying in excitement as Mikey sings to his heart content “Take it to them one more time”. All the shows I attended was more than a appetite wet, it filled up my conscious soul. Mikey most definitely and without a doubt proven that he has the talent and ability to TAKE IT TO THEM, whenever and wherever they are musically! 

As Mikey has stated he has been in this business for 30 years, so he is no youth to Reggae or Entertainment, he goes where the Most High directs him. He travels with the consciousness of Reggae in his heart and on his mind, this is the message he set out to educate the people them. 

Carmelita Harris Irie Vision Reggae TV San Francisco says “Mikey General has such a beautiful sultry voice, like a bird singing in the heavens and the band was tight and the people singing and dancing and rocking he had the spirit baby he was on fire. I was impressed he left something spiritual through my soul’. She goes on to say  “that was one of the best shows I have seen to date what energy he has, go Mikey, please come back”.

Fan after fan have said basically the same as Carmelita, tonight they left the venue 19 Broadway, Fairfax California a devoted fan of Mikey General wanting more.

Case in point; A young man approached me and said “he is the BOMB! I came to this show because I thought it was Mikey Dread, but I love this guy, he rocked!! I so want to come to his next show,he’s radical!”

00-Mikey GeneralFan after fan song praises of Mikey Generals’ performance tonight and all I could do is smile. Mikey being a humble soul, is deserving of all the accolades received, I am both happy and proud of him, as I know over the years he has worked so very hard. It is now his time. 

Singer Lee Tafari said “Mikey is the real deal, he just doesn’t sing conscious songs, this guy is real, he lives it”.  

I can give you quote after quote, but you know, you will just have to bring this musical genius to your shores and see the treat that was provided to us. 

Mikey General is the real deal for sure!!!!!! Jamaica don’t be the last to honor your own, we love the General and appreciate the spiritually conscious sounds coming from a dedicated warrior. Do yourselves a favor and just take a ride on the musical waves that leads straight to the General – Mikey General that is and enjoy. He has the power to move you!

Mikey General Speaks “I would have to say it was a great and humbling experience. The outpouring of love from the people was the greatest reward imaginable, I am looking forward to returning to America in the future to do more shows. I love the vibe California as well as the East Coast brings. Jah willing”. 

Give Thanks to another magificient Singer/DJ Lee Tafari, Mi Gaan Band, Maitreya Rose and 19 Broadway Bar and Gill in Fairfax California for making this all possible!

And to Mikey General for giving the people the monies worth and much much more!

Story by: Mushiya Strickland


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