Producer Ramón “Fryktion” McDowall

Fryktion Muzik blazes with soca hits as it delivers new party anthems on its latest compilation The Fete Life Riddim, now available worldwide from all major digital retailers. This collection joins a slew of smash releases from the hit production house, which also sees its entire catalog exclusively distributed by Fox Fuse, under its recently-inked digital distribution deal.

Best known for soca blockbusters “Party Animal” by Problem Childand “A Little Wine” by Patrice Roberts, the Brooklyn, New York-based Fryktion Muzik is helmed by St. Vincent and the Grenadines-born producer Ramón “Fryktion” McDowall. The studio has been churning out soca hits since 2007 and in 2009, Fryktion added to his talents as an artist and has been pushing the Fryktion Muzik sounds globally as a double-threat. Now joining the FOX FUSE roster brings added ammunition to the buzzing imprint. “The worldwide release of my music is actually a dream come true,” states Fryktion.“Who would’ve thought the soca genre would be accepted in so many regions.”

00-fete lifeBoasting five thrilling tracks, The Fete Life Riddim features soca stars Patrice Roberts with “Money Done (Fete Out Money),” Problem Child with “For All Ah Dem,” King Bubba FM with“Whole Night,” and rising sensations Mr. Legz HT with“Hangover” and Shradah with “Inferno.” These electrifying songs are making the rounds on Caribbean radio and soca platforms internationally, and have already become fast fan favorites.


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