WIZ Records Pays Tribute with the Middle Passage Soca Riddim (@ITSDRUE)

00-middle passageWIZ Records presents its newest hit soca compilation Middle Passage Riddim, available worldwide from all major digital retailers on July 10, 2015.

Producer Shawn “Mr. Roots” Mitchell, who is at the helm of WIZ Records, is enjoying success with his releases, which are mainstays on soca charts and playlists and have been taking center stage at the various carnival celebrations around the Caribbean and world.

Featuring eight sizzling songs along with the instrumental version, Middle Passage Riddim showcases soca sensations Ricardo Drue, Pupa Leendi, Terra Kid,Shortpree, Lavaman, Supa Mario, Nubiaan, Muddy and Sheldon Douglas.

The Afrobeat-infused soca rhythm pays tribute to the profound journey of ancestors from Africa to the Caribbean, and scores another set of hits for WIZ Records, just in time for Grenada’s own carnival season known as Spicemas, which is currently underway.


1. Ricardo Drue – No Shame (Dirty)
2. Ricardo Drue – No Shame (Clean)
3. Pupa Leendi – Rumedy
4. Supa Mario – Living Meh Life
5. Lavaman – D Flow
6. Terra Kid and Muddy – You Do Me
7. Nubiaan – Connection
8. Shortpree – Diss Mas
9. WIZ Records – Middle Passage Riddim (Instrumental)


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