Likkle Lightning Wraps Up U.S.A Tour & Gets Ready To Head Back To Jamaica (@likklelightning)

Likkle Lightning & Tony Rebel
Tony Rebel & Likkle Lightning in Atlanta

For the past few weeks Likkle Lightning has been travelling in and around the U.S.A performing and promoting his music. He has been to several States including New York, Atlanta, New Orleans and Alabama where he was either booked to perform or engaged in some promotional activity. The recent series of events have been significant for Lightning’s career as he has had the opportunity to connect, and in some cases work with some of Jamaica’s most notable names in music: Tony Rebel, Warrior King, Everton Blender and that is just to name a few.

Upon his return to Jamaica in late July, Likkle Lightning will focus his attention on completing his album which he intends to have ready by September of this year. The project will be released on his very own label, SonHi Productions, where he is credited not just as a song writer but also as a producer.


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