Tonight Karamanti Sits Down With Fiba Don From Island Linkz Radio For An In-depth Interview

KARAMANTI 100_0097As she continues to promote her just released video for the single ‘Fake Rasta,’ Karamanti remains extremely busy doing interviews and features. Tonight she will be a guest on Island Links Radio where she will be interviewed by host Fiba Don. The artist is expected to highlight the amazing feedback both her and her team has been getting from the ‘Fake Rasta’ video.

Since the release of the video, Karamanti has done features for media houses in Ghana and Kenya and she is about to do a feature for a network in Cameroon. She has been doing interviews with radio stations from all over the world and this has resulted in the increased rotation of the song.

Persons wanting to work with Karamanti in any capacity may contact her team via her website; and remember to tune into Island Linkz Radio on Monday, July 13th at 7:30 pm EST to hear the interview:


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