Lt. Stitchie Releases Controversial New Music Sympathizing With Gaza Boss Vybz Kartel! (@kingstitchie)

00-stitchie @ lonesome studioLt. Stitchie who is seen by many as one of Dancehall’s living legends has just released a track titled ‘nuh necessary’ in which he spends most of the first verse lamenting on fellow recording artist Vybz Kartel’s  current situation. In it he says;

“If a KD Knight did represent di gaza
If the judge woulda sentence a different order
Right now mi woulda have him inna mi church as choir master
The world boss a evangelize every plaza
So nuh surprise if yu hear dat Addi a pastor
Preach like a Paul and heal inmates like Peter
Like John di Baptist him baptize every warder
And serve communion and drink wine like water
Whole on deh voice note nuh say him did plan fi go Bahamas
God would a tun him president like Obama
Send him fi hunt sinna soul like Osama
So tell me why dem try fi poison Mr. Palmer?”

‘Nuh Necessary’ is produced by Lt. Stitchie (Drum and Bass Music) and Jammys. 


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