Dancehall, Reggae

Portmore gears up for the musical Klash Competition “The Dj’s Supremacy”

Klash Flyers Dj SupremacyThe DJ Supremacy competition is set to be one of the biggest and most supportive musical clash competition to date, hosted by Cash Global HQ night club along with backing sponsorship from many of the major companies in the island such as; Turbo Energy Drink, Rum Bar Rum, Red Stripe, Juice Valley Jamaica Ltd and media outlets Irie Fm and Sun City Radio to broadcast intervals of the events live to air from the opening night.

All eyes will be on Portmore Jamaica as the event planners get ready for a huge in flock of traffic hitting up Layne Plaza at 29 Passage Fort Dr. in the coming weeks, commencing from July 25, 2015.

Interest locally and International, has been amazing, with a large number of participants to date. Sun Lighting Productions in full gear and a proud sponsor of the competition and various sponsors can be heard on Sun City 104 Fm.


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