WIZ Records Drops the De Downtown Soca Riddim (Vintage III) – @mrrootslive

00-vintage3WIZ Records presents its latest hit soca compilation De Downtown Riddim (Vintage III), available worldwide from all major digital retailers on August 7, 2015. De Downtown Riddim scores another winner for producer Shawn “Mr. Roots” Mitchell, who is at the helm of WIZ Records. The imprint has been enjoying much success as its productions have been mainstays on soca charts and playlists, and have been taking center stage at the various carnival celebrations globally.

Featuring five sizzling tracks, De Downtown Riddim showcases soca star Tallpree alongside regional Grenadian sensations Ajamu, Inspector, Shortpree and Pupa Leendi. The vintage-style soca rhythm infuses native elements of jab jabsounds from Grenada and scores another set of hits for WIZ Records, just in time for Grenada’s own carnival known as Spicemas, taking place in August.


1. Tallpree – Long Time
2. Ajamu – Lash
3. Inspector – Razor Blade
4. Shortpree – Champion Body
5. Pupa Leendi – Downtown


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