Brooklyn MC, P General drops new video “Family” (@1212peeg)

00-pP General is one of the lead Emcees in the Brooklyn group Bankai Fam. The super group has picked up where Wu Tang Clan and Boot Camp Click left off. Releasing their debut EP “On My Side” in 2013, set off a resurgence of fans’ belief that Hip Hop, and more specifically New York Hip Hop is still alive. Building off the success of the Bankai Fam EP, we have seen solo releases from group members Skanks, G Stats and now P General.

P General was born in Barbados & migrated to the United States in 1980 at the tender age of 3. His oldest brother, now deceased was a DJ and took a young P around with him to gigs exposing P to all types of music at a very early age. In 2007 he showed an interest in writing lyrics to beats which led to his overall passion in becoming a hip hop artist.“Family” is a deep lyrical dedication to his closest, watch the video via the link below and the single can be down loaded on his website. 

Watch Video: 


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