Rhome Records Releases Missing Piece Riddim Featuring Khago, Teflon, Karamanti And More (@Dj_Rhome)

DJ Rhome
DJ Rhome producer of Missing Piece Riddim

DJ Rhome, the CEO/Owner of Rhome Records, presents the ‘Missing Piece Riddim.’ The rhythm driven album has a total of twelve tracks and is categorized as a crossover dancehall project. It features various artists such as Karamanti, Khago, Teflon, Ricky Ten, Stein and more. Each artist delivers a solid song that is uniquely his own while simultaneously complimenting the beat.

Both Karamanti and Stein offers some very encouraging words in their respective songs; while Khago and Unstoppable Fyah deals with the issue of loosing someone close to you. Teflon and new comer Squash expresses their passion and desire for more money and all the other artist touches on topics ranging from relationship to general life struggles.

Persons may listen to songs from the Missing Piece Riddim via MJE YouTube channel: 

 And DJs can send an email to for a promo download link of all songs.


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