Lt. Stitchie’s Biography (kingstitchie)

DSCN1866Described as the LEXICON of Reggae and Dance Hall Music, when it comes to writing lyrics, this gifted lyrical genius, with a superb and unique style combined with a powerful delivery that made his music stood up to the harshest of critics, Cleve “Lt. Stitchie” Laing, has been transformed from being one of dancehall’s most acclaimed icon into the Ambassador for Christ and his amazing abilities only get better by the minute.

Conferred with an Honorary Doctorate Degree, ordained as a Minister of the Truth, a Psalmist and a born-again Kingdom Citizen whose huge catalog and repertoire is totally dedicated to the manifestation of his new assignment, the Governor, like the great Reggae Ambassadors before him and the great characters of the bible, pursues his mandate with even a greater passion and unrelenting devotion, than in the days when he became king of the dancehall on Stereo One sound system as Lt. Stitchie, The Governor.

The former high school teacher of Physical Education and Biology who graduated from G.C. Foster College of Physical Education and Sport was destined to teach valuable lessons in the school of life. Though no longer functions in the formal setting of a High School, Lt. Stitchie has expanded his student population to include the globe and his serious messages of love through his music and literary skills from his Government’s manifesto has gone viral to include his personal appearances on the Continents of North America, South America, Asia, Europe and Africa, with Australia and Antartica yet to come.

His transformation was the culmination of two years spent in quiet reflection on his purpose in life and contemplating eternity, shortly after the death of his beloved mother.

It was following on a near-death car crash on the way to perform at Reggae Sumfest in August 1997 and the receipt of a Gideon New Testament Bible from a Canadian Missionary the very night that Lt. Stitchie, on returning to his hotel, read the Bible, prayed, asked for forgiveness of his sins and accepted JESHUA HAMACHIACH as his King and Saviour.

Now comfortably preaching the message of the Kingdom and teaching about the King, Lt. Stitchie since his watery baptism on December 14, 1997, has witnessed the mighty power of YAHWEH in his career and in every other area of his life and has seen his boundaries enlargened. Divinely inspired by JAH and motivated by his zeal and innate determination to excel, Lt. Stitchie has once again demonstrated his versatility and creativity as an Author.

Since his rise to fame in the late 1980’s, he has been touring extensively as a headliner at various Reggae Music Festivals and Concerts globally and this only intensified when he made the transition to a new life.

Although not one to revel in awards and take any praise unto himself, nevertheless, the excellence of this living Reggae and Dance Hall Legend, Reggae icon and Ambassador for Christ has been recognized nationally and internationally since the release of his very first Album, “Wear Yu Size”, by various awarding bodies too numerous to start naming.

Easily and undoubtedly one of the most sort after Artiste in the genre of reggae and dancehall. The requests for Reggae Music Festivals, Gospel Music Festivals and Concerts from the church halls to the dance halls are even at a much higher volume now than ever before. Lt. Stitchie has a reputation for being an explosive, electrifying and high energy performer, who continues this high voltage trend of upward mobility of excellence, with each Album he releases and each time he makes an appearance in front of an audience on stage. Lt. Stitchie is credited as an eloquent and didactic speaker, simultaneously, an avid student of the WORD. Consequently, his requests for speaking engagements, from motivational to guest speaker, are in very high demand. His excellent stage craft combined with an effective Kingdom message has earned thousands of renewed lives for the Kingdom.

Lt. Stitchie proclaim that one of the main concerns is to walk according to the principles of the Kingdom that will be an example to others, especially his former neighbors in the garrison of the inner city communities where he grew up, to his fellow dancehall colleagues and whomever he encounters on his journey of life.

This trendsetter, who is credited in the analogs of history of Reggae Music in Germany, as the first to bring dancehall music to Germany and Europe as a whole, who is inscribed on the pages of the Guinness Book of Records of who`s who in Reggae Music, who is inducted into the Gospel Hall of Fame in New York and was awarded an Iconic Award by The Jamaica Reggae Industry Association (JARIA) for his outstanding continuous contribution to the development of Reggae Music globally, continues to set a blistering pace and has raised the bar in Reggae/Dancehall Gospel Music a thousand feet higher, simultaneously, reinforcing in Reggae and Dancehall Music, as a whole, why there is only one “Lt. Stitchie, THE GOVERNOR” with each Single and Album he releases.

Lt. Stitchie has also pioneered a completely new path in the history of Reggae Music, by becoming the first Reggae Artiste to write and publish a Book entitled, “The Power Of Determination”, his Autobiography, which can be downloaded along with his complete anthology from digital stores globally.

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