DJ Kenny, Jamaica’s Most Popular Mixtape DJ, Releases Mix Featuring Jim Kelly (@jimkelly_real @realdjkenny)

DJ Kenny Jamaicas Most Popular Mixtape DJ Releases Mix Featuring Jim KellyOne of the most sought after mixtape DJs in Jamaica is DJ Kenny. He is known for consistently releasing mixtapes featuring songs that are popular in the clubs and dancehalls. His mixes are usually uploaded to YouTube, racking up views in the thousands.

A few days ago, DJ Kenny released a five track mix featuring songs by Jim Kelly. The project is titled, ‘Real Linx Mixtape.’ And though his mixes are ordinarily over an hour, this mix is only seventeen minutes: It is filled with major endorsements by several popular artists.

Jim Kelly is a producer turned artist who is already well known and respected by persons within Jamaica’s dancehall industry. Having worked with so many established artists, producers and DJs in the past, it is not surprising that DJ Kenny decided to honor him with this mix now that he has transitioned to the artist side.

Persons may listen and download ‘Real Linx Mixtape’ here:


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