Andrew Holness Promises Jobs For Jamaica’s Youths (@AndrewHolnessJM)

Youth Unemployment High In JamaicaOn a recent post on his Face Book page, Andrew Holness, the leader of the Jamaica Labor Party, (one of the two major political parties in Jamaica) promised to put Jamaica’s youths back to work, if elected.

This is what he said, “I am committed to reducing youth unemployment within the first two years of the Jamaica Labour Party government. We will do this by first establishing a Programme of National Apprenticeship and second, we will develop the industries here in Jamaica which will generate jobs. Aside from the acknowledged Business Process Outsourcing sector, we will develop new industries which will generate jobs in e-waste recycling, aircraft maintenance, niche product agriculture and processing, and creative entertainment and content development. The traditional areas of construction and housing development, and light manufacturing and assembly still have great potential to generate employment if stimulated correctly. We can put our young people to work in meaningful ways. Our goal is full employment for Jamaica. Too many of our sons and daughters are sitting at home hopeless and frustrated.”

Jamaica currently has a very high unemployment rate, especially among young people.

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