Jim Kelly Releases New Dancehall Single, ‘Set Trend’ (@jimkelly_real)

00-Jim KellyAs he continues his fast rise to the top, Jim Kelly once again shows why he will be a force to be reckoned with in the dancehall industry as he releases his new single, ‘set trend.’ Already well respected as a producer and songwriter, he is now earning his ratings as an artist.

Unlike his previous track where he tackled the issue of hypocrisy and phony friendships, ‘set trend’ is what many would consider a typical dancehall song, in that it is about women, and supposedly for women. What makes it unique however, is Jim’s ability to deliver it in such a way that captives the listener. Even Reggae lovers who are not necessarily into the dancehall genre are enjoying this one. After listening to ‘set trend,’ an ardent music critic said; “it is guaranteed to become a regular amongst dancehall selectors and DJs worldwide.”

‘Set Trend’ was mixed by Ricardo ‘Red Boom’ Reid who is currently among the top five dancehall mixing engineers on the island (Jamaica). Production credits goes to Jay Crazy and the song is on Jim Kelly’s own label, Real Linx Records. Persons may stream the song via MJE YouTube channel:

 DJs can send an email to for a promo download link.


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