Anaicon’s Bio (@anaicon14 @OsujahRecords)

00-anaiconThe combination of humility, charm, vibrant passion for music, respectfulness and appreciation for life and the universe, are only some of the facets of Anaicon’s personality that appeals to anyone who comes in contact with him.

Born on September 27 1993, in St. Ann, Jamaica, and named Oshaine DeVaine Anderson, aka Anaicon. Anaicon is a Rastafarian who accepted his name through divine revelation. He has been called to utilize his talents to create and perform Reggae Music for the edification and upliftment of not only the oppressed and those claiming African descent, but for anyone that can hear and perceive.

Oshaine attended Salem Basic School, Discovery Bay All Age, Ocho Rios High School and later St. Monica’s College. Oshaine remembers Ms. Lawrence as an instrumental force in his life, when in grade 6 at Discovery Bay All Age she encouraged him to read avidly and develop his skills as a performing artist. Anaicon took her advice and tutoring. He gravitated toward music and in 2007 began to write, sing, and dj.

His interests includes football and music. At Ocho Rios High School he played on the football team which vied with other schools for the Dacosta Cup. He continued to prepare himself for a music career throughout highschool.

00-anaicon2Anaican entered the Magnum Kings and Queens talent competition in 2013 where he was a formidable and impressionable contestant. He advanced to the “Face Off” where he was eliminated due to his positive lyrical content and the refusal to bash fellow contestants to gain popularity. Anaicon does not believe in or support artists lyrically attacking each other in the name of music. He approached Osujah Records to prepare demos of his music where he was welcomed and embraced. At Osujah he found the portal to launch his music to the world. His first song was appropriately named “True Identity” which describes him, “True.” He also released several songs on Osujah’s Promo Album “Vibez in the Sun.” Tracks includes “Cant Tame I,” It’s Loving,” “Rockstone” and most recently a show of appreciation for Jamaica with “Sweet Paradise” on the Bummin Ball Riddim. Anaicon is currently working in the studios to complete his debut album “RebelWise.” The album should be completed by the end of October. One track from the album “Silent River” has been released.

As a young talent, Anaicon’s dedication, discipline, positivity and high moral standards are only a few of the assets he applies to his life and his music. Osujah presents to the world, a young man who is a solid voice for his peers and elders; Anaicon.

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