Jamaicans Angry With The PNP’s Love Of Poverty And Prisons (@AndrewHolnessJM @PSimpsonMiller)

00-PNPAfter British Prime Minister, David Cameron’s resent visit to Jamaica, where he offered the government millions to assist with the construction of a prison, Jamaicans at home and abroad have expressed anger at Prime Minister Simpson-Miller’s response. As oppose to overtly rejecting the offer (knowing that the funds being presented can be used in a much more effective manner) the PM seems to be embracing his suggestion. Her actions, or lack thereof, have left Jamaicans questioning her love and commitment to the development of the Jamaican people.

Jamaicans have taken to social media to say how disappointed they are in Mrs. Simpson-Miller’s handling of the situation. Many are connecting her refusal to reject the prison deal with statements she made earlier about her love for the poor.

As general elections draws near on the island, the leader of the opposition, Andrew Holness, has made it clear that if his party forms the next government, they will immediately say no to  the prison offer made by David Cameron.

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