Celebrating Hip-Hop Culture In London (@ZuluNationUK)

00-hiphop history monthThis Friday and Saturday The Universal Zulu Nation (UZN) will be celebrating Hip Hop History Month. On Friday they will be opening their Hip Hop Culture Exhibition and on Saturday they have a Hip Hop Culture Community day, consisting of workshops, film screenings, live discussions and music. Location is the House of VANS London. Both events are FREE of charge however they are asking everyone to RSVP online via the following link: http://houseofvanslondon.com/events/calendar/events/universal-zulu-nation-hip-hop-culture-exhibition

The Universal Zulu Nation (UZN) is an international world Hip Hop movement founded by Afrika Bambaataa. They are a group of artists, performers and community activists who have created and used Hip Hop culture for over 40 years as a vehicle for positive change. Initially the founding Kings and Queens wanted to bring about change in their communities however Hip Hop is now a global phenomenon. Using the motto Peace, Unity, Love and Having Fun, the Universal Zulu Nation continues to impact positively on our communities and especially youth and street culture. The UZN believe there are 5 Elements in Hip Hop: Deejaying, BBoying, Rapping, Graffiti and Knowledge. 


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