Jim Kelly’s Bio – Jamaican Reggae/Dancehall Artist (@jimkelly_real)

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Jim Kelly

Jamaican artist, Jim Junior Hosang, more popularly known as Jim Kelly, is intent on making his mark on the Reggae/Dancehall scene. Hailing from Christiana, Manchester, this young man has been dabbling with music since 2006. He made his first mark as a song writer, penning lyrics for popular Dancehall artist, Mad Anju, while simultaneously producing tracks for him, Mr. Pepper, Kalado, Egg Nogg and others on his then;  Board House Record Label.

When the opportunity presented itself, Jim began to invest in, and manage Kalado. He played the role of investor/manager for approximately three years, but then began to pursue a career as an artist himself. He received a lot of encouragement from his eight year old daughter who said; “Dad why don’t you go back to doing music and be the artist because you actually sound good?” Further encouragement came from producer J Canon, of J Canon Records, who told him “he has a good voice so he could do it.”

Two years later, Jim and his cousin, Dwain Robinson, changed the name of their record label from Board House to Real Linx and began carving out a position for Jim Kelly in the Jamaican music industry. He recorded several songs, the first of which was a collaboration with Kalado, titled; “on and on.” Though the record did not catapult Jim into the mainstream, it gave him some much needed attention from key players who began to notice his writing skills and professionalism. The second release was a hardcore Dancehall song called “nuh trust nobody,” featuring another young artist, Bastic. Upon its release, “nuh trust nobody” immediately gained traction and began to get steady rotation at most of the major street dances. It opened several doors for Jim who invested heavily in its promotion. Jim Kelly recently dropped another song, this one with singer Kamsha Morris, and already he is getting positive feedback from music critics.

When he is not recording and promoting music, Jim stays busy by doing vocal training at the Edna Manley School for the Arts (located in Kingston, Jamaica). He also spends a lot of time with his children. Persons may stay updated with Jim Kelly via the following links: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vevo

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