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Barry G and David Rodigan to Celebrate Iconic 30th Anniversary in New York (@DavidRodigan @IrishandChin @IrieJamFM)

Barrington “Barry G” Gordon

On Saturday, November 28, 2015, Caribbean entertainment specialists Irish and Chin, in conjunction with Irie Jam Radio, will present David “Ram Jam” Rodigan and Barrington “Barry G” Gordon’s 30th Anniversary at the plush Resorts World Casino in Queens, New York.  Sponsored by Western Union, the event commemorates the 30th Anniversary of the legendary David Rodigan and Barry G’s famed on-air sound clashes.

Two of the best to ever do it will deliver an unforgettable evening of divine Reggae music, fun and slice of an unprecedented era in Jamaican music and culture. As U.S. appearances from David Rodigan and Barry G are rare, there is overwhelming momentum for the 30th Anniversary and endorsement from the overall Caribbean market. Moreover, it’s been nearly 4 years since David Rodigan last performed in the U.S. and just as long for Barry G.

David Rodigan

Both masters of their craft, the pioneering DJs brought sound clash to radio via a series of historical on-air clashes in 1985. Prior to this, sound clash, a cornerstone of Jamaican music and culture, was reserved for lawns and venues. The two wowed scores of listeners and captivated the island with their on-air sparring, making history all-the-while. The clashes were a phenomenon, officially locking down Rodigan’s Jamaican fan base. Technically, David Rodigan is one of the first “non-Jamaican” selectors to be whole-heartedly embraced by Reggae music fans. At the time of the clashes, David Rodigan was a well-respected radio personality on UK’s Capitol Radio, while the uber-talented Barry G was on Jamaica’s famed JBC Radio.

Adding to the already buzzing combo of the David Rodigan and Barry G reunion, is music from top Stone Love selector Rory. Without question, Rory will capitalize on his well channeled years of experience and music knowledge to entertain the massive crowd. Ninja of Mighty Crown will bring fans from the past to the present with an impressive array of selections. The highly anticipated night will be musically balanced, offering all in attendance a night to remember.


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