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The 2nd Annual Aarhus Xmas Reggae Splash Was A Success

00-aarhus xmas splash picThis past weekend, Jam Link Intl. hosted the 2nd annual Aarhus Xmas Reggae Splash in Aarhus, Denmark. The live show featured performances by Omar Perry, Karamanti and Pops Jabu, all backed by the More Fyah Band. After the event, the promoters posted the following on their FB page:

Jam Link Intl. would like to say thank you to everyone who came out to the 2nd Annual Aarhus Xmas Reggae Splash, as well as all those who worked behind the scenes to make it a success. Special thanks to the live performers: Omar Perry, Karamanti, Pops Jabu and the More Fyah Band. Also want to thank our selectors: Ruby Sound, Denali Sound, Kali-Ma Sound, Tiger Moth, DJ Jazz, Dancehall Ceasar and Papa Bongo. A big thank you to V58 for hosting us again this year and special thanks to our sound engineer for the night, Don Brock. To the Jam Link Intl’s graphics and media team: Thomas (graphics) / MJ Magazine (media), we say thanks. Finally, to everyone who shared the event on social media or told a friend about it, we thank you as well.

We have already started to plan the 2016 Aarhus Xmas Reggae Splash and we are promising you now that it will be a much bigger splash next year so look out!!!

P.S. We will post pictures and videos soon. As you can imagine we are all extremely tired.




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