Big Sound Clash Set For January 23rd In Canada (@IrishandChin @LilThunderSound)


Little Thunder Sound from Montreal

It’s no secret that Canada is a hotbed of fresh and talented sound systems. But it’s only so often that these aspiring sounds permeate International markets, resulting in most of their presence being limited to Canada. As a part of providing promising sound systems an opportunity to compete on a national platform, while attracting International visibility, popular sound clash promoters Irish and Chin and Jill present Canada Rumble on January 23, 2015 at La Victoria in North York. The event, a part of Irish and Chin’s Rumble series that targets markets rich in sound system culture, will find seven of Canada’s finest sounds fighting for World exposure. Namely, one of the sounds on the fiery line up, which includes Stepa Choice, Don Rankin, King Turbo, Klymaxx, Brimstone Gold, Little Thunder and Outcast, will become the CA Rumble national champion and earn a slot on World Clash, an annual sound system competition heralded as the super bowl of sound clash.

Canada Rumble is especially anticipated as it’s the first clash of it’s kind in Canada. Moreover, it helps show recognition and appreciation to Canada’s thriving sounds. Frankly, the clash will allow the crop of talented sound men to have a “seat at the table” as far as International sound clash goes. With this in mind, Canada’s clash fans and sound fraternity are in overdrive, awaiting their favorite sounds to take the stage. Pre-existing rivalries between feisty sounds on the line up and those currently brewing have also peaked the interest of followers.


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