Ganja Smoking Allowed At Rebel Salute 2016 (@rebelsalute)


The green light has been given for patrons attending the popular annual Rastafarian-based music festival, Rebel Salute, in St Ann, to have in their possession and smoke a limited quantity of ganja at the event – slated for January 15 and 16, 2016.

The event, which was launched on Thursday, December 17, has been granted an exemption under the Ganja Decriminalisation Act.

Justice Minister Mark Golding said all patrons will be exempt as long as they follow the conditions set out by the law.

This includes sticking to the prescribed two ounces of the weed, and extends not only to the venue, but to persons who are on their way to the festival, who will be required to demonstrate that fact.

Minister Golding said it is the second exemption application to have been reviewed by an advisory committee that has been in place since the law was passed.

The first exemption was granted to a Rastafarian festival that was held in Negril.

The Justice Minister said a protocol has been established, which the police are working with. He said it has been successful so far.

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