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Talib Kweli Reopens Nkiru Books Online (@TalibKweli)

6flatbush-thenNkiru Books was the oldest African-American bookstore in Brooklyn, New York. Initially founded by Leothy Miller Owens in 1976, the bookstore was bought by Brooklyn MCs Talib Kweli and & Mos Def (now known as Yasiin Bey) in 1997. Thereafter it was operated as the Nkiru Center for Education and Culture, a nonprofit organization promoting literacy and multicultural awareness for people of color. In its last incarnation it was located at 732 Washington Avenue, but was regrettably closed in 2002.

A few days ago, Talib Kweli spoke on his decision to reopen the bookstore online: “Our community continues to need multicultural education and even though we weren’t able to save Nkiru’s location, we were able to help it’s legacy thrive. Now in 2015/16 you would be hard pressed to find a bookstore that is not dominated by Eurocentric ideals about what is important culturally and historically. It is because of that I’ve decided to reignite Nkiru Books online. I’ve started modestly, for now it’s a part of my online store Kweliclub.com but I had to start somewhere! If literature, education, history and culture are important to you, please visit the Nkiru Books section of Kweliclub.com. Right now we have books that I’ve hand selected, but we hope to expand and have as many titles as possible. Soon. I promise however, we currently have something for everybody.”

Purchase books from Nkiru Bookstore via www.kweliclub.com 


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