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A Workshop To Foster Positive Interactions Between The Police And Inner-City Youths In NYC – Jan.13 (@AllStarsProject)

00-cops&kidsOperation Conversation: Cops & Kids, A Demonstration Workshop is an original production produced by the All Stars Project’s Castillo Theatre. The demonstration features All Stars Project co-founder, Lenora Fulani, Ph.D.; police officers of the New York City Police Department (NYPD); and youth from New York’s inner city communities and will be performed to an audience of 1000, made up of NYPD probationary police officers and hundreds of members of the community.

Operation Conversation: Cops & Kids is a program of the All Stars Project, Inc., designed to foster positive interactions between the police and inner-city youth. It consists of a series of workshops that use performance, improvisation and conversation to help teenagers and police officers to develop and improve their relationship.

Operation Conversation: Cops & Kids is the recipient of a Special Achievement Award of the 2013 AUDELCO for excellence in Black theatre, as well as a 2015 CICSO Community Policing Award.

For more info on Operation Conversation: Cops & Kids click here: http://allstars.org/content/cops-and-kids-2


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