Reggae Artist Nesbeth Releases The Official Video For “My Dream” (@NesbethReggae)

00- Nesbeth - My DreamThe official video for “my dream,” which was shot in Jamaica, captivates the audience from the onset with a breath taking view of the Caribbean Sea. Nesbeth is shown with a Jamaican flag draped around his shoulders on a picturesque cliff-top. This is a scene that is bound to evoke feelings of nostalgia in Jamaicans living abroad. The video develops with scenes of the snazzily dressed artist performing in his hometown, and the upscale areas of Kingston- offering a perfect juxtaposition of his life then and now.

The video, directed by RD Studios, captures the essence of the song with scenes of several individuals who have overcome challenges to become successful. One scene shows a youngster shunned by his peers when he wanted to participate in a race, but later becomes a champion athlete. Another scene features a Rastafarian who was, at one time, selling coconut water, but later becomes a successful business man selling bottled coconut water.


3 thoughts on “Reggae Artist Nesbeth Releases The Official Video For “My Dream” (@NesbethReggae)

  1. Adrian June 19, 2016 / 4:54 pm

    It’s a very nice song am living in Canada for almost 3 years and that song made me cry it was well done

    Liked by 1 person

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