Andrew Holness Calls Last Night Shooting “An Attack On Democracy” (@AndrewHolnessJM @jlpjamaica)

00 - Andrew Holness

Andrew Holness

After what started out as a peaceful gathering of JLP supporters at Sam Sharpe Square in Montego Bay last night, the evening ended in tragedy as several shots were fired. The shooting began while the leader of the opposition was addressing the crowd. The rally ended prematurely and we are learning today that three persons were killed and seven injured. Andrew Holness responded with the following comment:

After what can only be described as an attack on our very democracy and our democratic process resulting in the death and injury of Jamaicans and the endangerment of thousands of others hungry for change, I woke up with a determination to rid Jamaica of crime and violence. I want to encourage Jamaicans not to be afraid, not to be intimidated, but to stand with us as we take back our country from criminals. Let us continue to forge ahead with our plans to create a prosperous, crime free Jamaica. #JoinusinaPartnershipforProsperity #JamaicaLabourParty

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