Sean Paul Goes Outta Control for 2016 (@duttypaul)

00-Sean PaulGrammy award-winning Reggae superstar Sean Paul released another hot new track for 2016. On Friday, February 5, Sean Paul and British singer Jay Sean treated fans to the release of their “Make My Love Go” single. Featuring an upbeat house styled tune, the song is sure to be anyone’s party anthem.

Also just announced is another single “Outta Control” that features Yolanda Be Cool and Mayra Veronica and premieres in the Australian and New Zealand markets. Since the beginning of the year Sean Paul set the pace from early with single “Tornado” featuring Nicky B and SynthKartell, which was previously released on Friday, January 29. The artiste starts 2016 with an upbeat momentum, as his recent releases “Never Give Up” and “Give Thanks for Life” videos, have been gaining much popularity.

Europe, which is one Sean Paul’s strongest markets, has contributed greatly to the artist’s success. His 2014 collaboration with Latin music superstar, Enrique Iglesias, on the English version of the single “Bailando” achieved a number 12 spot on the Hot 100 charts in August. To add to the megastar’s catalogue in the European arena, he has in rotation the single “Ebony Eyes,” which features singer A-Klass and produced by popularly known European producer, Rico Bernasconi and Tuklan. The single rose in the top 10 in Italy, Sweden, Holland and Australia.

Sean’s 2015 success has earned him a nomination in the category of “Favourite Local International Artiste of the Year”, for the 2016 Youth View Awards.

The Temperature singer is due to headline the Sean Paul Canadian Full Speed Promo Tour scheduled for March 12-30 after his performance in Las Vegas on March 5. He also recently appeared in Dubai on February 4 after his sold out performance in Chile on January 30.


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