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Get Soca 2016 Compilation Out Now (@FOXFUSE)

00-get soca 2016Whine, wave and celebrate Caribbean carnivals all year long with Get Soca 2016, the second edition of this annual flagship compilation from FOX FUSE. This definitive soca collection features the top hits from the 2016 carnival season, from soca’s biggest hit-makers, all on one album, and are now available from all major digital retailers worldwide.

Jammed with 21 blockbuster songs, Get Soca 2016 presents the soundtrack of Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival, Barbados’ Crop Over, Grenada’s Spicemas, St. Lucia’s Lucian Carnival and Antigua Carnival, for festivalgoers and international soca aficionados. This sizzling collective of soca gems will have everyone jamming as it perfectly captures the essence of carnival and brings the sounds of these rich, Caribbean cultural celebrations to the international masses, year round.


1. GBMNutron – Scene
2. Erphaan Alves – Intentions (Wine & Touch)
3. Sekon Sta & Nadia Batson – Magic
4. Peter Ram – All Ah We
5. Jahmoun – Let Go
6. Cloud 5 – No Behavior (Whole Place Shell Down)
7. Olatunji – Oh Yay
8. Shal Marshall – Party
9. KES – People
10. Ricardo Drue – BET
11. Farmer Nappy – Bambilambambilambilambam
12. Denise Belfon – Dismantle
13. Lavaman – D-Date
14. Terri Lyons Featuring Lil Rick – High
15. Destra Garcia – Dip N Ride
16. Fireyahs – We Head Nice
17. Patrice Roberts – Money Done (Fete Out Money)
18. Olatunji – Seasonally
19. Sedale – Neighbour
20. Crazy – Is Not The Same
21. Machel Montano – Road Trip


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