Audley Shaw Writes Letter to Electoral Comission of Jamaica Regarding Fake Electoral ID Cards (@JLPJamaica)

ecjlogoOpposition Spokesperson on Finance & Planning, Audley Shaw, wrote to the ECJ earlier regarding the manufacturing of fake Electoral ID Cards. The letter is as follows:

Hon. Dorothy Pine McLarty
Electoral Commission of Jamaica

Dear Mrs Pine Mclarty,

Re: Reports of Illegal Production and Distribution of Fake Identification Cards to persons for the purpose of Voter Impersonation.

I have received several disturbing reports of the existence of portable ID card making machines being used to make and distribute fake electoral ID cards, which are apparently to be used illegally by persons who will attempt to vote tomorrow in the name of dead and migrated people who are on the voters list.

You are aware of my often expressed concern both in parliament and in meetings with the ECJ, about the large number of names of dead and migrated persons on the voters list, while I have steadfastly maintained presents the increased potential for electoral fraud through voter impersonation.

I have been equally troubled and find it quite omnious that the Government has been silent on its failure to issue the necessary warrants for the budgeted expenditure to be made by the ECJ to clean up the voters list.

The silence of the Government on this matter, combined with the reports I have received of this illegal production and distribution of ID cards, leads me to place the ECJ and every well thinking Jamaican who wishes to protect our democracy, to be on high alert to ensure that voter impersonation with fake ID cards does not happen in tomorrows General Elections.

Accordingly, I now formally request that the ECJ and the Director of Elections immediately take immediate preventative actions to block any such egregious act at our polling stations tomorrow.

Specifically; steps should be taken to; (1) Instruct all Presiding Officers to look out for these fake cards and ensure strick adherence to the use of the black book for a positive identification of the elector and ensure that the person is not in fact an impersonator. (2) Ensure that the Presiding Officer give indoor agents full access to the black book to satisfy the agents of the positive identification of the elector. (3) Take steps to refer any such attempt at voter impersonation to the Police so that the perpretrator can be arrested for the commitment of an illegal act.

I have brought this matter to your attention as in the absence of a clean reverified voters list, all necessary steps must be taken by the ECJ to uphold the principle of free and fair elections.

Yours respectfully
Audley Shaw

cc. Mr. Orret Fisher
Director of Elections.

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