Selector Rory From Stone Love Sound Excites Audiences In Japan (@rorystonelove @StoneLoveMusic)

00- Rory Stone LoveWhen giant sounds with a fond love of the culture come together during a rare occasion, the result can only be music magic. To put it mildly, this is what went down in Japan recently when Mighty Crown teamed up with Rory Stone Love to take it “Back to the Hardcore” before thousands of fans during sold out shows in Yokohama and Osaka!

It’s very seldom that these prominent sounds share the same stage. In fact, historically, for 10 years (due to pretty well known behind the scenes mix up), the two sounds did not take dates together, with the exception of a couple of surprise/happenstance billings staged by a promoter. The beauty of “Back to the Hardcore” is that “The Far East Rulaz” and Rory Stone Love put all beef aside for the greater good of the music and culture, delivering outstanding performances to massive Japanese audiences.

With a focus on the phenomenal era of 80’s and 90’s tunes, a vibrant time for Reggae and Dancehall, Mighty Crown drew for some real dubs and classic 45s, setting the pace for the one and only Rory Stone Love to unleash killer anthems. The young and old shouted out lyrics to their favorite selections verbatim. It’s a no brainer, that classic Dancehall is Rory’s strength, so without question, the selector received forward after forward for slinging unforgettable tunes and riddims.

Mighty Crown launched “Back to the Hardcore” more than 15 years ago as a platform to educate fans on Reggae and Dancehall music. One night while playing, Sami T was approached by a young audience member who innocently asked “What is the Showtime riddim?” Add a few similar inquiries from young fans to this equation and there spawns “Back to the Hardcore.”

Notably, Sami T pinpointed the need to bridge the generation music gap. “Back to the Hardcore” was typically billed for artists until Rory’s breakout performance this year. In addition to stops in Yokohama and Osaka, “Back to the Hardcore” also made a sold out stop in Nagoya.

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