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Terro Melody’s Biography

Terro Melody CroppedPeter Kay-Williams (born 9 May 1980), professionally known by his stage name “Terro Melody,” is a Jamaican Singer from Cave Valley in the District of St. Ann, Jamaica. He started singing at the age of five years old.

Born into a musical Christian family, his mother a Preacher, and other family members who are also singers and musicians, most notably his aunt, Gospel singer Marlene Edwards is known locally and internationally.

Peter’s talent goes beyond singing. In his spare time he enjoys playing the drums, guitar and piano.

Peter has travelled most, if not all, the corners of Jamaica singing in Clubs, Hotels, Dances and Festivals. He has graced the stage locally with such Reggae luminaries as Shaggy, Marcia Griffiths, Luciano and Professor Nuts.

After spending years on the circuit singing songs that are inspirational to him, whether it’s reggae, soul, pop or RnB, Peter has finally decided to establish himself as a rising performing artist in the reggae industry.

In June 2015, Peter (aka Terro Melody) recorded his 1st single at Cell Block Studio, working with Syl Gordon and Barry O’Hare. The song is called “Said I Loved You But I Lied,” a cover version of a Michael Bolton track.  This first single was launched on the international digital download network (iTunes) under his own company label PKW Entertainment Productions

MUSIC – EP Album Launch 2015:

  • Said I Loved You But I Lied (Cover version – Michael Bolton) – Terro Melody
  • Am Falling in Love – Terro Melody
  • Don’t Cry – Terro Melody –
  • If You Were Here Tonight – Terro Melody
  • Nothing Na Gwaan – Terro Melody (Dancehall Track)

Latest Recordings – 2016:

  • Unstoppable Love – Terro Melody (Dancehall Track)
  • Shorty Wanna Get High – Terro Melody (Dancehall Track)

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