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00-SticInternationally acclaimed Hip Hop artist Stic of dead prez continues to expound on the meaning behind dead prez’ smash hit and philosophy “Bigger than Hip Hop” with the launch of his new record label, RBG FIT records, dedicated to establishing and curating a new genre of hip hop, which emphasizes healthy living, dubbed “Fit-Hop”.

Like the Straight Edge movement of the Punk scene, which is vegan, sober, and socially conscious, “Fit Hop” too advocates healthy, holistic, sober lifestyles but from a hip hop cultural perspective. In 2009, Stic founded the RBG FIT CLUB and later released his ground breaking “fit hop” album The WORKOUT that debuted at #1 in sales on ITunes fitness charts and has inspired a global following of the RBG FIT CLUB movement with millions of views of the album’s videos. And now his signature “Healthy is the new Gangsta” movement continues with RBG FIT RECORDS.

With all the poppin’ pills and sippin’ syrup, misogyny and negativity being promoted in today’s popular music, RBG FIT Records will offer a unique positive alternative strong enough for the streets but wholesome enough for the whole family to enjoy.

“Through dead prez’s music we have been able to inspire people around the world to become more active for social justice and I want to continue using our revolutionary but gangsta approach to help expand that platform to promote and encourage holistic health.“ says Stic.

Stic made a personal lifestyle transformation in his early twenties when he came down with gout in his leg brought on by the typical rap lifestyle of too much booze, burgers and blunts. He healed naturally when his wife, author and Holistic Nutritionist Afya Ibomu encouraged him to switch to a plant- based lifestyle. Upon healing he was inspired to take up a decade long study of the martial arts, and has also become an avid long distance runner and a certified Running Coach with the Road Runners Club of America.

Fit hop artist and personal trainer Coach Nym is RBG FIT records debut artist. His single “Worth the Sacrifice” is available now on iTunes and wherever digital records are sold. More details at www.RBGFITCLUB.com


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