VP Record’s VPAL Music Now Providing Distribution For Trinidad and Tobago’s Artists/Producers (@VPALMusic)

00-vpalAfter eyeing Trinidad and Tobago’s musical landscape for “quite some time” VP Records through its sub label VP Associated Label (VPAL) has embarked on initiatives to provide distribution services for Trinidad and Tobago producers, label operators and artistes. Since VPAL’s launch in 2009, the indie sub-label has partnered and continues to partner with numerous artistes and producers throughout the world. Its main focus is to provide small label operators, producers and independent artistes access to diverse markets through distribution opportunities.

VPAL through the established distribution channels of VP Records has access to over 600 online and mobile destinations in over 100 territories. One can expect nothing short of upheld agreements and delivery from a brand that is an extension of one of the largest independent record labels for Caribbean Music, specifically Reggae and Dancehall. The obvious interest in Trinidad and Tobago creations and creators is quite understandable as the label recognized the existing talent pool that is seeking access to larger markets. Donovan Williams, Senior Label Manager at VPAL is enthusiastic about the recent signing of Trinbagonian talents, he shared, “The music industry is changing daily and the services we offer is locked in with those changes, we have the resources to market and promote worldwide, therefore which allows our clients to compete globally with their music.”

RKG, Tim Starr, Shurwayne Winchester, Ravi B, Saleem Beharry, Chris Garcia, Sally Sagram, Tony Prescott, K Kay Joseph, Adesh Samaroo, Jadel, Chef Jason, Nari Raghubir, Jesh Ramnanan, O’Neil Bhajman, Rishi Singh, Rooplal G, Terry Seales, Soca Elvis, Andy Singh, Calypso Rose, Mighty Sparrow and others will all benefit from distribution opportunities through VPAL Music. To be even more specific to Trinidad and Tobago VPAL extended its business to a recently established division; VPAL Soca. While focusing on the talent available in the twin island republic the most popular genre would not be neglected. Of the aforementioned names many have been assigned to the Soca division joining the likes of Teddyson John, Alison Hinds and others.

The agreement between VPAL and artiste, producers and small label owners is simple and straight forward. A percentage of what is earned is maintained by VPAL, promotional assistance is provided and access to distribution channels that is difficult for the average artiste to obtain. It is VPAL’s hope that through these agreements and opportunities the genre of Soca and Trinibagonian artistes, producers and label owners will achieve success in their musical endeavors.

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