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R.R. Rhythm catapults Pereira and his TRON production house to instant stardom

Derek Pereira

World-renowned producer, performer and deejay Derek Pereira and his TRON imprint transform soca music globally with the hit compilation album – R.R. Rhythm (released January 22, 2016). Born in San Juan, Trinidad and Tobago, Pereira cultivated his musical empire first as a deejay with his own sound system known as X-Caliber Sound, which was established in 1998. This was followed by his inevitable progression as a soca artist (scoring his breakout hit “Millennium Wine” on the Voodoo Riddim back in 2001), known to fans as Dawg E. Slaughter or Mr. Slaughter, and he has been entertaining universal audiences both as a deejay and artist, ever since.

Pereira’s contribution to Caribbean music on an international scale further evolved as he started producing music, first as an executive producer then co-producer with the ideas but not the full engineering knowledge, which he eventually learned by enrolling at the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT), where he graduated from an advanced certification course in Music Technology. This knowledge nurtured Pereira’s production skills and helped him compose the most popular soundtrack for the 2016 Trinidad Carnival season, the R.R. Rhythm. One could not walk the streets in Trinidad and Tobago without hearing the hit tracks spawned from the R.R. Rhythm, from boomboxes on bikes and vendor stalls, on personal playlists and radio in passing vehicles, and in the clubs or at fetes and festivals during Trinidad Carnival. A true music veteran as a deejay, artist and producer, and with his fingers on the pulse of soca music, the R.R. Rhythm catapults Pereira and his TRON production house to instant stardom.


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