Downbeat, Black Scorpio, Bodyguard, Silver Hawk and Mighty Crown Take Center Stage at Vintage Rumble (@IrishandChin)

00-Downbeat and Black Scorpio

Downbeat & Black Scorpio

New York is abuzz over Irish and Chin’s latest entertainment installment, Vintage Rumble. Slated to be held in Amazura in Queens, New York on Friday, April 15, the explosive event neatly brings vintage Reggae and Dancehall center stage, allowing fans to relive a Golden era of music! And the leading promoters felt it was only befitting for masters of sound culture Downbeat, Black Scorpio, Bodyguard, Silver Hawk and Mighty Crown to drop these classic tunes during an unprecedented sound clash!

Some of sound culture’s biggest names, with telling legacies, will dig deep in their boxes to clash with music from an unforgettable time, as any song played must be at least 20 years or older. According to Downbeat, “pure big tune a play” from the door. Anyone who follows sound clash will know that those billed for the event are musically armed and dangerous to say the least!

The high profile event’s unique concept is pegged to attract a cross-section of patrons! Bonafide sound clash fans and diehard Reggae and Dancehall music lovers will have an opportunity to convene under one roof for what promises to be a defining night for the culture. While the energy and intensity of sound clash erupts through top shelf 45s and dub plates, an invigorating musical journey will unfold, channeling the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

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