Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry Gave A Stellar Performance In Aarhus (@FondenVoxHall @jamlinkintl)


Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry @ Voxhall in Aarhus, DK (photo by Steffen Joergensen)

On April 12th, iconic roots reggae entertainer, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, gave a stellar performance at Aarhus’ Voxhall in Denmark. The event also featured the Mad Professor who is a Guyanese dub music producer and engineer known for his original productions and remix work. Both men were well received by patrons who came out in their numbers, filling the venue to capacity.

Though this was a track show, as oppose to a live band event, Lee Perry, the man considered to be a genius by many and certifiably insane by others, did not disappoint. He worked the program as if he was being backed by a big band. The audience could not get enough, rocking and singing along with him as he led them through decades of hits.

This event was presented by Voxhall, Jam Link International and Caribbean Kitchen.

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