New Dancehall Release: Capleton ft. L’Entourloop – Burn Dem Down (@capletonmusic)



Evidence Music is proud to present you their latest release in collaboration with a figurehead of beatmaking in France, the duet L’Entourloop who joins the emblematic Reggae singer Capleton.

After the release and the success of “Burn Dem Down” in 2013 on Evidence Music by Derrick Sound, the french beatmakers from L’Entourloop challenge themselves to remix it. Masters in the art of sampling, the duo have kept the inimitable voice of Capleton and the soul of the musical piece, while delivering an hip-hop touch with percussive beat and refined samples, trending mark of L’Entourloop.

The cover delivered by the french graphic designer Befour, is a mirror to the essence of the track. Like the flame reaching its target, the percussive “beat” and the use of samples directly touch the crowd.

The zrelease features a nice video clip, which Befour directed. Starring the Notting Hill Carnival representing the mix of west indian cultures and occidental one it makes echo to the mix between L’Entourloop and Capleton.

Finally, its the french touch and the mix between reggae and hip-hop which makes of L’Entourloop one of the rising figures of beatmaking in France. They show once again all their producer’s skills with this remix of this great Capleton track.


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